PDFBear Online: How To Use Some Of The Excellent Features Of This Third-Party Tool

PDFBear Online: How To Use Some
Of The Excellent Features Of This Third-Party Tool

PDFBear is among the many web-based tools designed to help everyone with their task concerning PDF modification. If you have a PDF file that needs to be converted into a different file format, go to PDFBear, and it will start processing your file. To know more about PDFBear’s tool, continue reading the rest of this article. 

PDFBear In A Nutshell 

PDFBear is a third-party tool that can help you with your PDF transformation tasks. It comes with several features that are easy to use, such as the PDF to PPT converter tool. If you are new to using PDFs, you would surely not invest in online tools that ask for payments. With PDFBear, you can transform your PDFs without paying any money! 

Moreover, if you have any doubts that your file’s quality will reduce after using GogoPDF, rest assured that this will not happen. PDFBear has the most sophisticated system and technology that gives you the best possible results. Also, the steps and procedures are easy to follow and straightforward. 


Almost all types of businesses are using PDF to help them manage their documents. Also, PDFs are flexible and can be accessed using different devices such as smartphones, laptops, and computers. However, if you need to copy specific texts and images for your presentation, it will take forever for you to do it. 

If you need to present immediately, then you can use PDFBear’s PDF to PPT tool. With this, you can easily have an exact copy of your PDF file in PPT format, and you can now present your paper. Also, all you have to do is a few clicks to make it happen. You just need to do these steps correctly:

  • To begin, look for your PPT file on your device and drop it in PDFBear’s tool.
  • Next, the system will automatically convert your PDF file into a modifiable PPT format. 
  • Wait for it, and in a minute, it will be available. 
  • Finally, click your file’s link and start downloading your newly converted file. 

PDF To Excel

Most people prefer their files to be in PDF format since PDFs are easy to access, easy to view, and work in different Operating Systems. However, if you need to alter some essential data in PDF, that is a big problem since PDFs are essentially not editable.

Luckily, PDFBear has a tool that can help you with this problem. Using the PDF to Excel tool, you can easily convert your PDF file into an Excel format without ruining a single format and preserve the quality of your file. Also, this file converter tool is easy to use. Thus, even if you are not familiar with this tool, you can still easily do the task. 

To start the process, you have to place your file in PDFBear’s tool. Next, PDFBear will do the rest of the task. After that, the system will automatically process and convert your PDF file. After a minute of waiting, your file should be ready. Once done, you can click your file’s link and start downloading your newly converted file. 

How To Protect Your PDF File

There are times that other people can access your social media and webmail accounts. Perhaps, the reason is that your account’s password is not that secure. If this happens to you, you will surely be paranoid and anxious since most lists of information that can be found on a social media account are confidential. 

Similarly, if other people will access your confidential PDF file, you’ll be upset too. To prevent this problem, you have to protect your PDF file. One way of doing it is by encrypting a password. Then, look for a reliable third-party tool to help you with this kind of problem, such as PDFBear. 

The process of placing a password to your file using PDFBear is easy. You just have to place your file in its system. Next, type your desired password. It must contain eight characters with both upper and lower cases. Also, it must have alpha-numeric characters. Once approved, wait for it to be finished. Usually, you will only need a minute or two, and it will be ready. Lastly, click your file’s link and start downloading your file.


PDFBear is truly a reliable web-based tool. Whenever you need help in transforming your PDF file, don’t bother to search for PDFBear online. Also, it has other features that can be seen on its website. Visit now and avail of its free-trial promo!