Some Smart Techniques to Get More YouTube Subscribers

Some Smart Techniques to Get More YouTube Subscribers

Are you wondering how to get subscribers to your YouTube channel? If yes, you are in the right place. 

This detailed guide will discuss some innovative techniques to get more subscribers to your YouTube channel. Check them out below!

Add a Watermark To Your Videos 

YouTube allows creators to add a watermark to all of their videos. It is a trick but effective enough to attract thousands or millions of subscribers. 

To add a watermark to your videos, go to the YouTube branding page and add a new watermark. You can either use your logo or a subscribe button with your channel name as a watermark. The second option is more popular as it is more potent in influencing audiences than the first option. 

Set Your YouTube Account For Subscription Reminder 

YouTube lets creators add a subscription reminder to all their videos. It is a feature that reminds viewers to subscribe to your channel if they haven’t yet. You can add this feature to all your future uploads by default. 

To configure this feature, head over to YouTube defaults page and click on the “add a description” option. You can add a default description or edit it anytime as per your requirements. 

Increase Your Video Uploading Frequency 

Increasing your video uploading frequency is one of the most effective ways to attract more and more viewers and subscribers. With this technique, you can reach out to a large number of potential audiences in a shorter period. 

One video a day is nice, but if you can upload more than one video a day, it would definitely boost the number of your YouTube subscribers. And when you have a considerable subscriber count on your channel, you can get ads on your channel. To know how to get ads on your youtube videos, check out the articles published on YouTube help. 

Focus on Titles, Descriptions, and Thumbnails

Titles, descriptions, and thumbnails are the three most important factors to rank your videos and increase your channel’s viewers’ and subscribers’ count. If you focus on these three things, more than half of your job is done. 

When creating titles, descriptions, and thumbnails of your videos, make sure they are optimized for SEO and are user-friendly. 

Create a Channel Trailer 

A channel trailer is a short video (around 30-60 seconds long) that briefly tells about your channel and the topics you cover through your videos. This feature gives your audience a deep insight into your channel. You can feature it on top of your channel page. 

It is effective to increase YouTube views and subscribers as well as engage your audiences with your content. 

Publish Longer Videos

Earlier, people used to prefer watching shorter videos more than lengthy videos. Today, things have changed. People are now interested in watching lengthy videos that contain informative and valuable information. 

So, you should focus on creating lengthy videos. Keep your videos around 10 minutes and make sure they contain quality content. 

Invest in Ads 

Investing in ads is one of the best ways to drive huge traffic to your channel, especially when you are a beginner YouTuber. It can help you quickly gain many viewers and subscribers to your channel from the web.

To sum up, we would recommend you use all these smart techniques as these are effective enough to drive desired results.