digital marketing trends 2021

Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2021

As we enter a new year we will continue to see evolving trends in marketing that can have a meaningful impact on how we do business. If you’re looking to build your brand this year and want to leverage the latest in marketing trends, you may have to be willing to be flexible and ready to adapt to rapid changes in technology and how you interact with current and potential customers. While traditional marketing tactics such as tv and radio ads are still valid, they may need to be adapted for today’s audience while incorporating other digital trends that can help you build your overall visibility.

Email Campaigns

For customers who may feel out of touch with what’s going on with their favorite brands due to a lack of mobility to make in-person visits to retailers, email is key in staying connected while promoting your brand. Email provides customers with a reliable and consistent means of getting the latest product or service information and keeping them in the loop so they’re aware of what’s happening with your brand. The key to building customer loyalty is to be as inclusive as possible with customers, which means educating them about the latest news regarding your product or service offering. If you’re planning a new product launch, share that news with customers first via email and they’ll feel like they’re being rewarded for their loyalty, which can improve customer retention. Be sure to leverage A/B testing in your email campaigns to determine the best way to communicate with your audience to maximize your impact. As you begin to develop your marketing budget to help develop and grow your business, be sure to leverage email marketing as part of your strategy, which can have a major impact on your growth trajectory over the next year.

Customer Experience Focus 

Now more than ever, customers want an authentic, engaging experience when interacting with brands. A company that makes time to forge a connection with customers may end up getting business over a company that doesn’t care to interact with its audience. Being authentic across channels offers customers a chance to have their voice heard by offering insights and suggestions. It also makes them feel unique, an identity consumers often seek to cultivate as a way to stand out. Work with your marketing team to determine how to leverage your campaign to focus on an engaging, authentic customer experience that will be memorable and encourage them to repeat business in the future.

Digital Events

While we’ve been forced to pivot strategies to embrace digital platform engagement in the past year, this trend may become permanent. Virtual events and experiences allow companies to reach a wider audience while still being engaging. Consider keeping digital events in your marketing calendar this year to capitalize in this continuing trend. Build on the idea of digital events by making the experience unique for users. Leveraging customer data to personalize their online experience can result in happier customers, which can increase customer retention and overall brand loyalty.

Enrich the Social Media Experience 

Popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have made it easier for brands to sell their products online. These platforms have integrated with brands to allow them to easily list, promote, and sell their products with just a few easy clicks. This capability elevates the social media experience beyond simple browsing and education to meaningful calls to action that can result in revenue for your business. As you work on your brand’s online presence this year, be sure to include social media in your marketing plans not only from a branding and educational perspective, but from a sales platform one as well.

Technology will continue to evolve at a rapid pace and it’s up to businesses to keep up with these trends or risk being left behind. With a solid marketing plan in place and some thorough research behind your campaign, you can leverage tactics that will have a meaningful impact and result in endless growth potential. Keep these ideas on your radar and your campaign will be off to a great start in 2021.