List of modern image galleries running on jQuery

List of modern image galleries running on jQuery

Almost all companies that provide any services on the Internet have their own website. On it, they place videos or images of a portfolio of their own work in order to attract as many potential customers as possible. If you know how to create and customize your own site, you should explore the following modern galleries of images running on jQuery. This will improve the aesthetic appearance of the web portal and expand the list of services provided.

  • Cube Portfolio is one of the most popular plugins. Provides the ability to place a portfolio in the form of masonry, mosaic or grid. To adjust the image, 22 different animations are provided. You can also integrate videos from YouTube.
  • XPANDA — the main purpose of this plugin is to place images. The software allows you to place the image on the site in 4 formats. XPANDA also provides free Photoshop functionality for image processing.
  • Fotorama is the best image gallery created on the basis of jQuery, which is installed by integrating HTML code. allows you to integrate and customize both images and videos. In addition, there are additional adjustment options in the form of scrolling images and video of the mouse, setting color effects and much more.
  • Responsive Grid Gallery — this software has limited and simple functionality. The add-on allows you to place images in the form of a horizontal or vertical grid. RGG is fully adaptive and allows you to process images.
  • Sharp Gallery – you do not need to have certain skills to install this software. The gallery is designed for quick and easy placement of images in 25 templates.
  • Gridzy — setting up this image gallery takes no more than 10 minutes. The software allows you to optimize and format the images of any quality. Also, the software has its own add-on, which speeds up its work.
  • FullScreen Backgrund and Gallery — this gallery allows you to place an image on the full screen of the site. This allows you to convey important content to potential customers. Also, the software provides to integrate videos from YouTube.
  • Real 3D FlipBook is a unique image gallery that provides a unique view of the portfolio. Site visitors can view the images in the form of a book flip through. Allows you to display the image format and button sizes.
  • LightBox – the plugin does not have obvious unique characteristics, but it contains a loot box function. When you hover the mouse cursor over an image in a tile, it will be highlighted. Also, the picture will be enlarged. LightBox provides two gallery layout formats.
  • Boxaroo Adaptive Lightbox – this gallery provides the ability to place images in 170 formats without knowledge in programming. Also, the software allows you to add an adaptive navigation button and impose a background. In addition, there is a loot box function with 2D and 3D lighting.

Where can I find images for a non-copyrighted site?

To pick up images for their web portal, many spend a lot of money on a photographer or photo studio. However, there are ways to get quality images for your website for free or inexpensive.

First, you can pay attention to the photo stocks. These are specialized portals where unique images without copyright are collected. These sites collect both general and thematic photos. To download, you need to register on the platform and download a suitable image. It is worth noting that in most cases it is enough just to view the commercials and the download link will be available.

More installation of more unique and high-quality images will need to be paid for its cost. On various sites, the price of such photos is small. Also, photo stocks provide an opportunity to buy a Premium package. It allows you to upload unique images without copyright completely free of charge. In the future, you can get pictures and art can be applied to the logo of your own company.