content writing strategies that’ll make you a professional writer

Learn 6 new content writing strategies that’ll make you a professional writer

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” -Anaïs Nin

Writing is a beautiful form of expression. For many people out there, they find it difficult to express their feelings with words and so they express it in their own unique form through poems, songs, stories and literature. 

When we look at the different genres of books or any form of writing, you may find that no two authors are the same. While they may have the same view on things, the way they express it on paper could be something entirely different. Writing has the ability to move you, to change you and it has the power of enticing you with their stories.

For those of us who read, how many times have we been reading a book and just can’t stop because it’s impossible? That’s because when we read a story, we get involved in their life, in the story that is being told, we get lost in the characters and the situations. That is the power of good writing.

Various types of writers – 

If you love writing and want to pursue writing as a viable career option, then there are many many types of writers out there. All you have to do is find the one that fits you the most.

  1. Poets – Poets express their thoughts and feelings through the medium of poetry. In order to do so, they make use of rhyming words, alliterations and many more. While the field of poetry has evolved immensely, poetry was originally often used to express love, however these days, poets use poetry to express various emotions such as anger, sorrow and many more. 
  2. Novelists – Novelists are writers who write novels. They could be based on fiction as well as nonfiction. When writing fiction, novelists create characters, places, and write a story that’s a figment of their imagination or based on true events.
  3. Satirists – Satirists are writers who use wit to ridicule the shortcomings of an individual or the society. Satirists make use of sarcasm, irony, hyperbole as part of their writings.
  4. Short story writer – Short story writers are writers who write short stories which can be read in a single sitting. 
  5. Content writers – Content writers are writers who write articles, blogs, for advertisements and content which is written with the main purpose of marketing something.

Based on your inclination and love for writing, you can choose to be either one or many other types of writers. Becoming a writer is not an easy task, it takes years and years of practise and you may still have a lot to learn! Here are a few strategies which you may apply to your style of writing that could be beneficial for your growth as a writer. 

Content writing strategies to make you a better writer – 

Writing is a continuous process. In order to get better, you have to continue practising. In the beginning, you may come up with content that is average but if you work hard for it without giving up, slowly and steadily your content will improve and you will get better results. 

If you have always been writing, then we suggest that you go back to your older work and compare it to your style of writing now, we are sure that you’ll see a difference in your styles of writing. These are websites where you get writing work with tips to succeed in life. Here are a few strategies that we think will help you in becoming a better, more skilled writer –

  • Do thorough research – When writing a novel, an article or whatever it is that you’re working on, make sure to do thorough research on the topic in mind. If you are interested in writing a novel that’s based in the 1900’s then in order to write the book accurately you need to familiarise yourself with how people in the era worked, what it looked like, their dressing styles, etc. only when you have done a thorough research on the topic which interests you, and then create magic by using your own spin on things.
  • Finding the right keywords – When writing content which you intend on publishing on social media platforms, using the right keywords is key to getting the maximum reach for your content. Based on the topic that you’re writing on, make use of search engine tools such as keywords and try incorporating them into your writing. It’s important to note that using too many keywords that aren’t placed strategically will result in your content being ranked lower as google looks at it as keyword stuffing.
  •  Catchy headlines – Readers will be more interested in reading your content which catches their eye. The easiest way to do this is by coming up with a really cool, catchy headline that instantly grabs your readers attention. This is a crucial step as 80% of readers won’t read your article with headlines that are boring and common.  
  • Style of writing – There are many authors who will have the same point of view as yours, what makes your content unique is your spin on it. Your target audience will dictate your writing style. For example – if you are a writer who talks about beauty, then your readers will be interested in how a particular product has helped your skin, the feel of it and your review of the product. You also have to keep in mind the audience that you want to reach.
  • Go east on your vocabulary – When writing on anything, make sure that your content isn’t too complicated. Don’t use words which you wouldn’t normally use. While having a huge vocabulary is great, it’s important to remember who you are writing for. If readers need to use a dictionary multiple times in your article, they’re more likely to switch to another article. You want your content to be accessible and reader friendly.
  • Make use of writing tools – We live in the 21st century where technology is readily accessible so why not make the most of it? Use online tools such as thesaurus to find alternate words to amp up your writing style. Use tools like grammarly to correct your mistakes. Tools like these go a long way in improving your style of writing

These are just some strategies which you can use to improve on your writing. There are many other strategies which you can make use of. 

In Conclusion – 

The one thing which writers should never forget is to continue writing even when they feel like they have nothing interesting to write on. The more you write, the more your content will improve. Persistence is key to achieving great things in life.