Make Your Instagram Content Unstoppable

3 Tips That Will Make Your Instagram Content Unstoppable

How many hours do you spend browsing your feed and looking for the post that will make you laugh or smile for a change when you’ve had a bad day? This constant search holds a significant portion of the fun on Instagram. On the other hand, what’s more saddening than seeing that your recent post hasn’t got attention at all? In your mind, it should have played out altogether differently because you put your best resources in it, and your creativity was in its prime when you uploaded this particular post. So what is it that went wrong along the way after all?

To answer this question, why won’t we go back to the essentials of every successful Instagram post and see whether they have or haven’t been met in the ‘problematic’ post from before?

Image Quality

Instagram started as a platform that honors any visual content (aka, ‘see and be seen’) and gives it the respect it deserves with a handful of built-in effects and other editing-tricks that we should definitely give a go, for these were created to enhance our content’s visual appeal. Regardless of you taking advantage of Instagram’s free tools, only good could come from using external photo and video editing third-party apps to level up your content’s visual side even more.

Hashtags For Improved Exposure Rates

While we do understand to rush and upload a post as soon as it’s ready, here’s an input that won’t take more than 2 minutes of your precious time, but it’s gain might even exceed your expectations! Adding 3-7 in each new post is one of the oldest tricks in the book to increase Instagram engagement, namely getting more people to see your content (and hit the ‘follow’ button while they’re at it). Are you eager to start throwing in hashtags and see how far they’ll get you? Wait a sec before you start doing so: to help hashtags do their job on the best side, don’t fall for the ‘beginners’ trap’ and go for the overused hashtags that everyone knows. When doing so, the chances of your posts getting noticed and interacted with are significantly lower.

Don’t Be Shy; Engage With Your Audience!

Another common and efficient way to convert your competitors’ fan base and have them following you is by heading over to your rivals’ IG pages and leaving a relevant comment in one post or another. By providing valuable information for the users you’re replying to, you’re giving them another reason to follow you. And believe us; we never forget those who helped us or opened our minds about one matter or another. Don’t ever underestimate the impact of a piece of advice that arrived just on time! (any social media Influencer could easily attest to this statement and elaborate more about why high-quality content is the only type of content that survives and that one that truly leaves a mark at the end of the day).

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