Keeping Your Followers & Customers Engaged on Social Media

Social Media Marketing continues to be a giant in the industry. Many organizations are coming to realize the importance of using social media for brand awareness and leads and have thrown themselves into the world of social media. With the plethora of different social platforms, some organizations tend to make use of all. As a leading social media company in Abu Dhabi, we understand the need to drive engagement on every platform.

Each platform is different from the other, which means that your audiences would most probably be different as well. How do you keep these followers and potential customers engaged all the time so that they don’t lose interest? Sharing the same content over and over while sending the same monotonous response to comments may not be the right strategy. In this piece, we highlight the different ways you can keep followers engaged and excited about your brand.

Share New Content

If your followers have stopped engaging with your posts, you need to reflect on what causes this. Very often, followers will get bored of seeing the same type of content regularly and will stop engaging with you. 

Share new content onto your feeds to add a new flair to your profiles. You can repost customer testimonials, follower posts, or even light-hearted content (that’s relevant to you) from other profiles. Social media users are always looking for different things to engage with, and you must incorporate this into your plan. 

Add Visuals to Posts

If you aren’t already making use of images to grab the attention of your followers, post images with bright and vivid colors that appeal to the masses. Additionally, your social media captions don’t always have to be plain text. Emojis within captions can make you seem more relatable to the average person and they’ll feel more comfortable interacting with you in a public space. 

GIFs and short videos are also a great way to ensure you remain relatable to your viewers and this encourages them to create conversations with you online. 

Create Opportunities 

Asking questions in captions invites your followers to engage with you, but there’s more you can do to promote engagement. Encourage your followers to tag their friends in interesting posts, or to share your posts on their feeds or stories.

Polls and surveys on social media are also a great way to encourage user engagement. Create fun and topical polls that are relevant to your industry so that followers can engage with you in newer ways. If you require customer feedback, this is also a great and quick way to do so. Make sure you post these polls or surveys when your followers are most active so that they don’t miss out! 

Run Competitions and Giveaways

There’s nothing better than free goods! If you are in a position to do so, offer your followers something in return for sharing your content or engaging with you. You could run a “Best Caption” competition where you encourage followers to leave a comment with their best caption for an image or video that you post. Users are typically happy to involve themselves with brands if it means that they get something in return!

Post Frequently

This goes without saying but you need to post daily! Make sure that your social media channels are active so that you show your followers that you’re up to date with the latest trends. Posting regularly will also allow your customers to stay updated with your latest news and promotions.

While posting regularly is a must, you need to keep in mind optimal times as well. You want to post when your followers are most active so that they actually see your posts and have a chance to engage with them – otherwise, your posts will get lost in the feeds.

Be Proactive 

Proactive engagement is when you make the first move to engage with your audience. You can often find that users will discuss brands online without directly tagging them. By simply searching for your brand’s name on each platform, you can see what users are saying about you and take this as an opportunity to interact with them. This is helpful for creating or increasing buzz around your brand or even specific campaigns or launches.

Besides simply searching for your brand name, search for your dedicated hashtags and even misspellings of your brand name to see who’s talking about you online! 

Make Use of Ephemeral Content

Social media stories have risen in popularity over recent years. As stories tend to last for 24 hours, there’s a certain sense of urgency invoked within users and they feel the need to engage with it, especially if you run polls or surveys through social media stories. 

Ephemeral content allows your followers to engage with you on a more personal level, in comparison to other forms of traditional advertising. Encourage your followers to share stories about your brand so that you can repost them onto your page or even run a competition!