How To Viral Your Brand With The Use Of Social Media In 2021

Going viral on social media is something that we all want. It is the most effective way to get noticed by a wide range of audiences. You can conquer the world, but that you need to use social media the right way.

Here I will talk about the strategies that you need to apply in case you want to make your brand viral. With the proper use of social media, you will easily achieve your goal. 

How To Viral Your Brand With The Use Of Social Media In 2021

So, let’s start with the strategies that you need to apply for while you are on the use of social media and want your content or your brand to go viral so that a wide range of people notice your content or get to know about your brand. 

1.Right Time

When you are posting something on social media, you should consider the time and date of posting. Generally, marketers use the advantages of major holidays. When you are posting something on Instagram, the best time is between 9 AM to 11 AM EST. 

When you use social media time, your content will reach more people and get more engagement. When your content gets engaged, Instagram will show this to more people. The scenario is the same for almost every social media site. So it is important to utilize the time when your viewers are on social media. 

2.Right Audiences

Before you create the content, you need to consider this strategy. While you are creating any content, you need to keep your audiences in your mind. After all, they are the ones for whom you are generating the content. Try to make your content as generic as possible for getting more shares. 

When you know your audiences, you will easily figure out who you are writing, where you need to share your content. Which idea you need to cover through your content. And all these things are equally important while you use social media. 

3.Right Platform

Another thing that you need to keep in your mind that only the right kind of social media platform will help you in making your content viral. All platforms are different, and the type of content they entertain also varies. 

In order to start your viral marketing campaign, you can use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter. For Instagram, you can use the potential of Instagram stories. They are really effective and also easy to share. Use an excellent and relevant caption for your Instagram stories for a good story. 

4.Unique Content

Remember, viral content is not only popular content but also good quality content. In order to get viral, the content you are generating must have the potential to appeal to your audiences. 

For creating your leads, you need content that will tell people to click on it without begging them. Think out of the box of the general marketing strategies with the use of social media. Add emotional appeal, add humor, and you will increase the chances of getting viral by 10%. 

5.Right People or Influencers

Another smart thing that you can do with the use of social media is that utilizing the right people for promoting a special campaign. When more and more influencers will endorse your brand to their followers and friends. 

This definitely adds points to your credibility rating. So, apart from collaborating with people from your industry, collaborate with people who work in different fields or industries. 


There is one word that you need to pay attention to, and that is the hashtag. Trending and relevant hashtags work like bombs in viral marketing. A single hashtag can make or break your campaign. 

More than 100 million videos and photos are uploaded daily on Instagram, and the number is 500 million for tweets that are sent on Twitter. So, it becomes really difficult for a brand to stand out from the crowd. And here, the hashtag campaigns help them to stand out. 

7.Right Sharing Amount

There is nothing called the ‘right amount’ of sharing on social media. So, create good quality audio-video content and share as much as you can. Also, ask your friends, family, relatives to do the same. You also can offer incentives for sharing if that is required. 

Use social media with paid ads to boost your content on Facebook, radio, TV, AdWords, magazines, news, or any other media that your target audiences use. 

8.Right Features

Utilize all the features of social media platforms. Audio and video content are proven to attract more viewers and also keep them engaged. So use social media platforms that prompt videos. So, use longer videos with proper infographics, memes, and valuable content. 

Video content has the capability to attract audiences. Search for the platforms that have video content as the core aspect. Apart from Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram are also promoting Video content.


Teh Gen z and Millenials are totally aware of the social media marketing world. And they are the judge of the things which will go viral or not. So, try to make content that will not be disparaging to any particular gender, age, community, etc. 

The kind of content should be up to date with the trending that is going on. Use popular shows, politics, current affairs as the references. 


So, here is all that you need to know about the use of social media for making your content viral. Follow the above-mentioned strategies to make your content viral. It is not just a days or a night’s matter to get viral. Yes, I agree, Com.Facebook.Katana got viral overnight. Still, you need to put in your time and effort. 

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