How to Use Social Media to Promote Online Gaming

How to Use Social Media to Promote Online Gaming

Let’s say you have developed a game and you want to release it in a foreign market. The first thing you must do is to translate the game into the language of the target audience. For this, you must go for gaming translation services. It is an era of digitalization. Therefore, you must take leverage of digitalization and try to reach gamers on the internet. How can you reach the gamers on the internet? Social media will show your online existence in the digital world. With the help of social media, you can connect to like-minded people and can know about any new game releases instantly. You should know that your target audience is present on different platforms on the internet. For this, you must create a social media presence. It will create awareness about your game and you can target potential gamers effectively.

Make Yourself Visible on Social Media

Unlike other brands, Gaming brands also look for influencers that can promote their games in a specific market. To stay in the limelight, you must make yourself visible on social media so that people can get attentive to your game on streaming platforms. Due to competition and professionalism, the significance of social media to show your presence and to interact with gamers is also increasing. Do you know that people will understand your online presence on social media if you go for Media translation services? They will transcreate your marketing campaigns. In this way, people will feel that the game is developed for them.


Although the social media channel YouTube is not a gaming platform, to your surprise, many videos are uploaded and streamed on this platform. Do you know that YouTube is the largest global social media platform and it is leveraging one-third of the total digital population? Therefore, you cannot ignore it despite its category. You can easily create a target group of different age groups on this platform. Just like other streaming platforms where gamers are your audience, YouTube can help you to attract a diverse audience while using a third-party platform. This platform is a gaming platform itself. You must upload for gaming strategy and hacks of games while taking the assistance of media translation services.


To your surprise, Facebook has a whopping 2.30 billion users. Thus it is dominating social media platforms. Do you know that the average user spends a maximum of 70% of their time on Facebook other than any other digital platform? So why not use this platform to show your online presence for online gamers. Facebook is a very engaging platform to attract potential gamers. Therefore, you should stream your games and ask people to give their feedback and comments. Moreover, you should mention detailed gaming information, announcements, and releases on the Facebook business page. It will give you an additional advantage if you give information about a game in the customer’s native language but how. For this, you must go for gaming translation services.


Instagram has a whopping 1 billion users but when you combine it with parent company Facebook users, it has an enormous 3.30 billion user base. The global marketers and social media people are getting leverage from their combined venture. Marketers, users, and brands go for organic research on this platform. Initially, there was a limitation of Instagram that is related to the uploading of the videos but with the introduction of IGTV, this problem is solved. Just like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram also supports cameras for live streaming.

Do you want to use several tags to reach your target audience in less time? With the help of this platform, gamers can upload full-time IGTV videos, stories. Moreover, snapshots of the pictures of the videos and can integrate them with videos on YouTube. This will be beneficial only if videos and stories are in the gamer’s native language. So take the assistance of media translation services to convey your message appropriately to the target audience.


For the promotion of games, to use which digital platform is solely your discretion. Make sure that any information that you are sharing on digital platforms should be in the customer’s native language. For this purpose, you can hire a professional translation company. These companies have a team of native translators that can provide you professional translation services at a fast turnaround time and economical rates.