How to make Clickable Social Cards in Seconds

If you’re looking to drive more traffic to your website form social media platforms, then implementing clickable social cards into your marketing strategy is a must. 

Social cards usually consist of an image and descriptive text and can be posted on all major social media platforms. At first glance, social cards can look like regular images. What sets them apart from traditional image posts, however, is that social cards don’t just expand when clicked on. They are designed to take users directly to a landing page of your choice. 

This directly translates to more relevant traffic and higher engagement rates.  According to a Facebook study, micro-blogging platform Tumblr managed to boost referral traffic from Facebook by a whopping 250% with the help of social cards. Similarly, a Twitter case study showed how British mobile provider, Three, recorded 26% higher engagement rate and 64% more URL tricks after they started using clickable social cards.

While extremely useful, clickable social cards can also be rather challenging and time-consuming to create from scratch. This is particularly true for new website owners and those with no access to the back end of a website. Adding Meta Tags to each of your web pages is one way to make social cards, but this only allows you to have one social card per page. 

Fortunately, with the help of the free online tool, anyone can create an unlimited number of clickable social cards in seconds. To find out more about this useful tool, check out the infographic below!