How To Integrate Personal and Professional Branding

How To Integrate Personal and Professional Branding

Your personal and professional brands are both important. Your professional brand tells people more about your professionalism. For instance, it helps them know the skills you possess and the kind of services you can offer. On the other hand, a personal brand tells people more about your personality, behavior, and attitudes. These two brands are different, but you can integrate them to your advantage. Below are more details on how you can integrate personal and professional branding.

Use Your Personal Photos in Your Business Website

Many business owners and marketers post stock photos on their websites. While this is okay, it will not differentiate your professional brand from other brands. To ensure that your brand is unique, include personal photos on your business website.

Using a personal photo on your business website will merge your professional and personal brand. As a result, people will be convinced that your business is authentic. They will also, try to connect with you, hence establish a relationship with you.

Before you post these pictures, ensure that they are clear and well-lit. You should also ensure that you are the focus of those pictures and that they are of the right resolution for the website.

Find Out How Your Personal and Professional Brand Relate

To merge your personal brand with your professional brand, these two brands need to be connected in a way. If you find out that they have a connection, establish where these two brands intersect. For instance, if you love movies, work as a content developer and a marketer, your professional and personal brands can merge since they are both about storytelling. When you find where your personal and professional brands intersect, you will be able to display your professionalism in a genuine and informative way.

Use Your Social Media Accounts as an Extension of Your Business Accounts

Social media is a great tool that you can use to merge your professional brand with your personal brand. For instance, you can use your social media accounts as an extension of your business accounts. In these accounts, create posts that talk about your professional brand.

You can start using your social media accounts as your business accounts by posting informative blogs about your professional brand. When you do this, your social media followers will begin to see you as an expert in your field. As a result, they will start researching more about your professional brand.

Use Your Name As Your Business Name

Like others, you may wonder if it is okay to use your name as your company name or find a different name from yours. Depending on the kind of business you operate, you can choose either of the two options. However, if you use your name as your company name, you will merge your personal brand with your professional brand.

This option will work best if you are the face of your company. For instance, it is likely to work if you are the sole trainer of a real estate license course. However, do not go for this option if you offer different real estate license courses.

Focus On Your Values When Promoting Your Professional Brand

You probably have values that you hold. These values determine how you carry out any activity. For instance, they influence how you operate your business. Such values tell people more about your personal brand.

Now that you want to merge your personal brand with your professional brand let people know more about these values and how they have affected your business. You can tell people more about these values by talking about them on your social media accounts. People who hold the same values will be attracted to your business when you talk about these values.

Your professional and personal brands are both important. When you integrate them, they can be a powerful tool for your business. You can bring these two brands together by finding out where they intersect and using your name as your business name. Using your personal photos on your business websites and using your social media accounts as your business accounts will also help you bring these two brands together.