How to Grow On Instagram as a Food Blogger

How to Grow On Instagram as a Food Blogger

Instagram has become the most used social media by food bloggers. There are food bloggers who don’t even have a blog but only have Instagram and have huge Instagram likes count, which I don’t agree with. Here’s how to grow on Instagram as a food blogger.


If you are a Food Blogger, you must be on Instagram, having a project for an online presence is at the base of everything. So Instagram followers count and profile must simply follow this project and spread your message; it is simpler than it seems.

You have to understand what your uniqueness is and be clear what makes your brand unique, based on your differentiating message you will have to propose all your content.


Another factor you will need to keep in mind is that you have to speak to the right people, so you simply have to think about who you are addressing and talk to them in the most suitable language. For example, for months, if you have only been talking about Gluten-Free Natural Cuisine, you will have an audience of people interested in that specific topic. Let’s suppose; you share posts about gluten-free food; you should propose a single gluten-free dish and try to keep that same style. Share the recipes which are all based on the single-dish and have the characteristic of being beautifully colored, keeping a line makes the profile more beautiful and exciting. Even the background of your dishes should always be the same.


Photos are the most important part; it’s all useless if you post poor photos.

Find a line and keep it; use the smartphone without problems. It is important if you are active as a Food Blogger, the photos make the difference.

Place dishes that are cooked to be truly eaten while we see dishes that are cooked only for the photo and have great success. If a dish is cooked for the photo, you will go to take care of details that make the difference. It depends on your project. If you post improvised photos and do not use filters, it is fine, but only if you have a personal profile. Here we are talking about a profile of a Food Blogger or aspiring person, and the utmost care is required.


According to the Food theme, if you are a restaurant and hotel, it is a compelling means. Unfortunately, many companies use it badly; let’s say that they use 20% of the potential of Instagram.

The ideas are many; you can make direct; for example, when the quality raw material arrives in the kitchen, you can also bring the Chef in, you can show the cooking process.

The most common mistake that everyone commits on Social is to think that it is not necessary to study to use a Social. Send emotions; in the end, good memories are always tied to emotions and, whenever possible, try to convey emotions.


If you are not familiar with Stories on Instagram, we will reveal a way to learn how to use the very powerful Stories. It means you have to get into the habit of looking at the stories of others, watching you learn, but looking in a way active and intelligent, how?

Observe the stories for a week, and after a week, you will have understood how to communicate with the stories. 

But you have to observe as a spectator; after a week, there will be profiles that will have literally inspired you. Try to understand what struck you about them, why do you like them? Start there and think about who you are addressing, which your audience is.

Be yourself also in stories; this is the thing that works best. Of course, to make captivating stories, we can also help ourselves with different tools that go beyond those made available by Instagram; an example is the fantastic Canva models and design tools.


When you share a photo of the Food on Instagram, try to say something about yourself. If you are a Food Blog, you are your brand, so there is something personal, and once again, you have to be yourself because pretending, in the long run, is tiring and unsustainable.

It is important to tell details on the plate without putting the recipe. You can very well post the recipe, ideas, and properties of the ingredients, tales about the ingredients, benefits, etc. If you are a Chef, you can tell how the recipe was cooked from what idea it all started. 


Here you need a separate article. Unfortunately, whether you like it, or not Instagram is a social platform of images where everything is very fast. It is no coincidence that the stories last very little, where everything is fast. It is normal that you have to have many followers to get positive feedback.

To grow among the Food Bloggers, then the Food sector, the quality of the posts is not enough. You don’t need to reach 100,000 Followers if you are not an Influencer or a celebrity, but at least 10 / 20,000 is the minimum you can aspire to. If you are struggling to gain more followers, go to this link and buy them instantly.

Then it all depends on what you want to get from Instagram when we talk about Food Bloggers. You need to increase your visibility, reach new people, create a brand, and gain new followers. Remember that we are on Instagram for a purpose; if it is for pure fun or entertainment, then you should not be here to read.

Growing up on Instagram is still quite easy if you know how to do it, like all things. However, there are two implications, positive and negative; the positive side is much easier to have at least apparent feedback. On the other hand, the negative side is much more ephemeral than Facebook, where actual communication is more effective.

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