9 Workplace Distractions That Reduces Your Digital Marketing Team's Performance

9 Workplace Distractions That Reduces Your Digital Marketing Team’s Performance

A digital marketing team is responsible for promoting a brand and its products in the online space. But just like with any other department in a company, your digital marketing is prone to distractions. And we know how it can hurt their efficiency and productivity.

That said, we have listed down the nine common things that can distract your digital marketing team and how you can resolve it.


A common misconception that people believe is that being a better multitasker equals a more productive person. This misgiving has permeated all sorts of productivity tips. Still, it is only recently that people have realized that multitasking is not all sunshine and rainbows.

Multitasking reduces our productivity, especially if we’re doing a task that requires deep focus. If you multitask, you take longer to finish those tasks, and you can even affect the overall work quality.

There will be times when multitasking is needed, but it’s best not to do it as much as possible. As a result, you’ll be able to finish things a lot faster and with better results.


Micromanaging your digital marketing team is not a sign of good leadership. Instead, it shows that you lack trust in your team, and your team won’t trust you in turn. They’ll become complacent and have to be at your beck and call, which means they’re less productive and very dependent.

You might not think that you’re a micromanager. However, hovering over people’s desks all the time while they’re working is already a considerable distraction.

Learn to trust your employees since you hired them for their qualifications, after all. These are work professionals, so you should treat them as such.

If they are not knowledgeable about something, that’s where you can come in. Teach them the ropes and let them learn the lessons practically.

Digital distractions

Your digital marketing team is more prone to digital distractions than any other.

Since their work includes checking emails, making social media posts, and monitoring web analytics, they are prone to mindless scrolling. Therefore, social media blocking apps are out of the question since social media engagement is part of their job.

What you can do instead is initiate digital wellness.

For instance, you install an app that monitors your digital marketing team’s number of hours in front of their computers. That way, you would know whether they are starting to scroll aimlessly. Then, when you see the signs of aimless scrolling, you can lock their screen and encourage them to go out and have a walk.

Luckily, you do not have to do it manually. Some tools allow you to monitor and automatically lock someone’s screen after a certain period.

Background noise

Background noise is a huge distraction for many people. No, we’re not talking about listening to a podcast, audiobook, or music.

What we mean by background noise is the sound that your colleague makes. This includes conversations or the sound of the machines in the office.

If possible, make sure that your team’s office is soundproof. Otherwise, encourage them to use noise-canceling headphones. You should also place your team in an area where there is less foot traffic.

Office and virtual meetings

Meetings are often a frustrating affair for many workplaces. Again and again, people find themselves thinking in their minds that this could’ve been an email.

Even virtual meetings have become more excessive because it’s easier to set up. Moreover, since working from home has become prevalent, some people like to communicate clearly by setting up meetings.

With that said, learn to respect your team’s time by avoiding meetings as much as possible. For example, if only three people need to know about the details, then only invite those three people.

Since digital marketing teams use their computers often, virtual meetings can make them stop their work completely. As such, make sure that you are mindful of the discussions you hold.

The Internet

The Internet, in general, is a distracting place. Even if your team isn’t on social media, other parts of the Internet can distract them. However, as mentioned before, since their work revolves around the Internet, it’s not like they can block it for a while to finish their work.

A great way to get less distracted by the rest of the internet sites is by using website blockers that block specific websites for a set number of hours.

Cluttered workspace

According to Cleaning Exec Maid Service NYC, a cluttered workspace is not just a physical distraction but a mental one as well. Little things can attract your attention when you have a messy workspace and get you lost in thought.

If you do end up wanting to clean your workspace, that’s several moments when you have to take care of your workspace until it’s spotless. So even if you perform most of your work in digital space on your computer, it’s still a good idea to keep your desk as clean as possible.

You can do that by encouraging your team to clear their desks before they start working and leave for the day. You also should pay attention to the state of your computer desktop while you’re at it.

People interruptions

Workplace interruptions by coworkers are a great source of distraction for many. It can also be difficult for some people to focus on their work since they don’t know how to reject friendly conversation, which is fine.

An excellent way to prevent interruptions is by creating a rule around the office. For example, provide people with signages on their desks. It can be as simple as a red flag.

If they have a red flag up, that means that they’re currently doing intensive work and wish not to be interrupted. Otherwise, it’s a go.


Outside of living people’s lives for them, you can contribute a few things to help your team de-stress due to external factors unrelated to work. However, if their stress is work-related, open communication can help them let go of stress.

It would also help to have a wellness initiative for your digital marketing team. For example, give them a few days off after accomplishing a campaign or project.

Knowing when to celebrate is just as important as having something to celebrate about, and it can help people de-stress.

It is natural for a digital marketing team to be distracted. But too much of it can hurt their efficiency and productivity. As such, it would be best to identify these distractions and do something about them.