How to Find Your Brand’s Social Media Voice & Tone

How to Find Your Brand’s Social Media Voice & Tone

More than ever, consumers seek authentic brands with a clear mission, voice, and tone. Strategically developing these features is vital to reaching and connecting with your audience. Every brand has a unique story and way of communicating that can be honed and practiced over time. Here are a few steps to help your brand find an authentic social media voice and tone, and why it’s so important to do so.

What Is Voice & Tone, Exactly? Voice and tone are similar, but it’s helpful to think of them as separate concepts. Your brand’s voice should remain consistent across all communication platforms. Tone, on the other hand, might differ across social channels depending on the audience and special circumstances.

Voice: An expression of your brand’s personality; adjective(s) to describe your brand’s communication style

Tone: How your brand’s voice is applied. Can differ across social media channels and situations.

Why Voice & Tone Matter While consumers appreciate hearing about special deals and new products, they also want to know what your brand represents. Having a unique voice and appropriate tone will help to communicate your values and mission. Essentially, your social media voice will tell your brand’s story. Perhaps the most important reason why voice and tone matter is the humanizing effect on your brand . Audiences need to feel comfortable engaging with you online and clearly prefer speaking to “real people” over robots. Your brand’s voice will help to form connections, develop trust, and build a rapport with consumers. In […]