How to Drive More Traffic to Your Site, The Easy Way

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Site, The Easy Way

Everyone knows that ranking on the first page of Google is paramount to business success, since today’s culture of instant gratification means that consumers rarely stray onto page two or beyond. Indeed, statistics show that over 25% of Google users click on the very first result which appears.

How can you ensure that your website receives a slice of that lucrative market? By pre-empting the search altogether and thus nipping in ahead of any competitors who might catch their eye when they land upon the search engine results page (SERP). Interested? Read on to find out more.

Finishing each other’s searches

They say that when a couple really know each other inside out, they’re capable of finishing each other’s sentences. What you want to do with your target market is understand them so comprehensively that you can finish their searches. Thanks to the performance advertising platform from, you can leverage programmatic advertising solutions to take the shortcut to that outcome.

Of course, taking the time to learn who your intended audience is and what makes them tick is beneficial to tailoring your ad campaign to access new leads, but Newprogammatic’s ingenious software ensures that those already interested in your brand don’t have their head turned by your competitors.

How it all works

NewProgrammatic is a new software solution which anticipates the wants and needs of internet search engine users to catapult your business to the front of the queue. Its unique system functions in two different ways: via the use of tiles (before the search) and suggestions (during the search).

The former works via the placement of “tiles” which connect directly to a few suggested websites, before a search term has even been entered. Tiles are compatible with certain search engines and browsers and can be deployed to work on both desktop and mobile devices, thus giving you a jump on your rivals.

The latter, meanwhile, takes place as the search term is being typed into the engine. As soon as a few characters have been entered, Newprogrammatic will instantly suggest websites (including potentially yours) which correlate with the search, without waiting for it to be completed.

What are the advantages?

The main benefit of using a service like Newprogrammatic is the shortened distance between the customer and your site. With Google’s algorithms changing all the time – and with so many different opinions on how best to navigate them – your best course of action could be just to bypass them altogether. Newprogrammatic’s smart tech allows you to do this quickly and easily.

Meanwhile, another huge advantage of the platform is its affordability. Instead of forking out on sponsored ads and the suchlike – which are often ignored by the majority of users anyway – you can simply pay-per-click with Newprogrammatic. That means that your ROI is invariably higher, since you’ll only ever need to pay when someone interested in your company visits your website.

Don’t get bogged down in the Google bidding war – take the easy way around the issue by leveraging Newprogrammatic’s performance advertising platform and enjoy greater footfall on your website today.