How to Develop an effective Cyber Monday strategy using Instagram Stories?

Instagram stories are one of the hottest advertisement sources that can be utilized for a wide variety of objectives. No matter which niche you’re in, you’ll find users on Instagram regardless of any factor. Being a social media website, it gathers users from all walks of life. After all, it’s purpose is to ultimately let people connect with each other and become a part of the larger community. While it entertains people to look at other people’s photographs and videos and share their own, it is an excellent opportunity for the brands to make the best use of it. 

For businesses out there, Instagram is already a great platform for engaging the users and working on some key metrics. The stage of Instagram is set with audiences waiting to be served. All brands have to do is find the right audience for their brand and reach out to them using the kind of content they are looking for. Once your audience realizes the worth of your content, there is really no going back. 

But, for that, you need to create some amazing content for your audience. Be it an ordinary post or special promotional posts like offers, sales etc. the kind of content that you use to engage your audience creates all the difference. Especially when you’re harnessing the potential of Instagram’s stories for your brand, you can use videos as the most prominent form of content. While we like text and images, videos connect with us at an entirely different level. They help us feel more profoundly and understand the narration in a better way as well. For example, if you’re given some information about a product on an image and a 10-second video, what would you choose to do? Most of us would click on the video and enjoy the content to understand it.

That’s the story of most of the customers in the market. When a customer likes a brand, they expect it to create more and more videos without the need for anything else. And so, if as a brand you fail to deliver across this content, your competition will sway your customers with the same. Therefore, the decision is yours whether you want to harness the potential of Instagram stories with video content or not

However, if you’re just starting out, you might have many questions regarding video marketing, doing it perfectly and doing it on Instagram stories. But, don’t worry, we’ve gone ahead and compiled the best information for you. 

Why Instagram Stories?

We can’t neglect the fact that Instagram has one of the largest numbers of social media users, and is an excellent platform for the proliferation of photos, videos, etc. This means if you’re looking for customers in the market, they are already there on Instagram, all you need to do is find them. A smart way to find your customers is to track down the influencers in your niche. If you know the influencers, you can easily look up to their audience and find your customers.

Instagram is a great platform for generating traffic to your website. Be it swipe stories or links in your profile bio, you can lead the traffic coming from Instagram to your website. Make sure your content is compelling enough for the audience to click on your link and land on your website. Apart from Instagram stories can also be used with shoppable tags, where you can directly sell your products. Therefore, if conversions are one of your business goals, you must explore Instagram stories for your business. 

Especially when you’re announcing new offers for occasions like cyber Monday, Instagram stories can help a lot. They give the impression that something is urgent and must be taken advantage of, Cyber Monday, when the prices of technological gadgets and equipment are the lowest, Instagram stories can help you boost the sales by many folds. Cyber Monday ads can get an added boost with Instagram.

How to Create Videos for your Cyber Monday Instagram Stories?

Cyber Monday is one of the hottest sale seasons where customers keep on looking at the hint of any discounts and price slashes. Once they find it, they’ll purchase the product and also spread the word of mouth to their loved ones and peers. But, for that to happen you must create amazing cyber Monday ads. Wondering how?

Personalize it for your audience

Let’s say that the majority of your customers ate students. Why not highlight the product that fits their need in your Instagram story? Remember that no matter which kind of ad you create using an Instagram story template, you cannot compromise on personalization. Personalize to your customer’s needs because after all, they want to buy a product for themselves and not all the people that you’re targeting, This means that your product must be able to speak to them directly. Using several options at the video editor, you can personalize your stories and make the best out of them.

Add a CTA

Cyber Monday ads can only be made successful by adding the right CTA. Make sure you add the right CTA in your story that leads the customer to your website. In most cases, your customers won’t know what to do if you don’t add a CTA to your website. Make sure you do it so that upon watching your amazing video, your customers can head to your platform for making a purchase. Try different colors of the CTA and make the content over it crips and short.

Use the best of imagery and music

Why leave your Instagram video empty when you can use music and imagery to add to its glamour. Make sure you utilize the best of your video editor to edit your Instagram story template for cyber Monday ads. Watch your sales skyrocket while with close to none efforts. Just start doing it today, because if you don’t you’ll probably be losing a lot of your customers to your competition.