Tips and Tricks to Choose a Good Hosting for your Website

There is no other remark on this that websites are crucially important when it comes to run a successful business, you won’t see any of the businesses not having a responsive website with them. During the period of making a website for new businesses, web hosting is often ignored and this is what causes problems in the future. 

Choosing a reliable web hosting company is difficult as there are thousands of companies working in this niche and everyone is offering something to grab more users. In this article, the main focus is on how to choose the website host manually by looking at some aspects according to your needs. 

You can also look for independent reviews of specific hosting companies. For example take a look at:

Know Your Needs

It is a myth that choosing the best host is as simple as picking something from a particularly given list of items. The definition of best is different for everybody. 

Before you choose any of the providers, sit back, and outline what are your needs and requirements. For everyone consider choosing the following questions:

  • Kind of website: think about what kind of site you need like you want to create a static HTML website or you want to work with WordPress. 
  • The number of sites: How many websites you want to create as some of the hosts allow users to create more than one site from the same account. 
  • Traffic each month: Question yourself about how much traffic you need. This will aid you to regulate the number of resources you need and if you are preparing to grow your site’s traffic in the future, you should consider a host that has flexible plans. 
  • Technical needs: If you are using simple coding languages like HTML or CSS you don’t have as such special requirements but if you are working with a language like PHP, you need a host that can provide services for that language. 
  • Your monthly budget: If you have a fixed budget then you must first filter out hosts that are out of your league without wasting time in comparing features.

Reliability and Speed 

One of the vital elements to consider when selecting a host is to check the host’s uptime score and dependability. There is no doubt that you want your website to be operational as often as possible. Even though downtime of a few minutes per day can cause problems like it will decrease your repute among the customer as they will get a bad impression and even you might lose some generated income due to it. 

Consider choosing a host that guarantees that their servers will be active for more than 99% if not then don’t pick them. Furthermore, there are some other aspects as well that can slow your site. To avoid choose someone to design and add plugins to your site that remove cache and do other tasks to sustain the website’s speed. 

Your site needs to be SEO friendly. You can hire a website designing agency or a Freelancer to take over your site for some time to build it as user friendly as possible. Freelance web designers are comparatively cheaper and more reliable than agencies. If you are in the UK the best choice is to hire as they are award-winning and complete there promised tasks as quickly as possible. 

Also, you can check their reliability by looking at their main site and browse through reviews and get an idea about the host’s reputation.

Upgrade Options 

Normally, for beginners shared web host is a good option but when you start gaining more experience, your needs increase over time and you need more resources. You may become in need of more email storage, more bandwidth, and other resources. 

Don’t get misled by unlimited offers by some hosts. They just fool around for some time and in some cases, they have access to even shut down your site which is not a good thing. 

Because of the needs of the update, you should choose a host that offers room to grow. You can, however, start on a shared hosting plan, choose a host that also offers steadfast and VPS hosting. Through this, you will be able to make the transition calmer to a new server as your site cultivates. 

Look out for the Security Features 

Besides, to tips and bits of advice keep a deep look at the security features of the host you choose. This is because when you are making a website for a business, you will have some sensitive information stored in it that can be misused like the credit card number of your customers and users. 

To get started with this, look at the host if the run a firewall or malware detection tools for security on their servers or not. Question them, if they run regular checks for unusual activities in their servers. 

Website hosting sites that bids SSL certificate is what you should look for as your site needs to be encoded and secured. Some of the hosts also allow users to block specific spam accounts or IPs that you think is unusual or might cause problems to your sites. 

At last, check if the host offers data backup or cloud storage with a range of security measures in it. Apart from measures takes to refrain, hackers, there is still a chance of getting a disaster. If you have your information and data reserved somewhere than it will help you easily restore all the information in the events of the crisis. 

Even if you lose any of your data during upgrades or related measures, your data will remain safe and look for the host that back up your site every day in a period of 24 hours. 

Customer Support

Good Customer support available twenty four hours is what needed. You need to look for a host that not only just offers a range of communication options like live chat, Phone calls, and so on but also be available when you are in need. When you are searching for a host look if the host is taking care of their registered users or not by reading reviews on their site. 

Refrain from getting in touch with hosts that only offers customer support during business hours and off on Sundays as there is no particular time when you will need them. 

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