How to Create Graphics in Easy Steps with DesignCap

The world of marketing is increasingly competitive. However, it is an opportunity for those who have a lot of creativity and love to find ways to hook the public’s attention. And if you’re not that creative and design experience, don’t be worried, because today many tools can make you create marketing materials to publicize your work such as social media posts image, marketing content, pamphlets and more.

Here, one of these tools is DesignCap, a graphic creator that allows you to customize beautiful images like banners to post on social networks, pictures for your marketing content and also pamphlets, letters, and others for you to print and make your promotion offline.

What is DesignCap?

DesignCap is an all-in-one online graphic design tool that helps small businesses and online marketers to create posts on Twitter, Instagram, images on various social media. Besides, infographics for website content, invitations to different events like Thanksgiving Day, New Year or works of art. Also, to print media, such as posters, brochures and cards, etc. With DesignCap, you don’t have to hand a bundle of cash to designing studios to get graphic designs. That Cool. Lets checked out this tool.

What can DesignCap do for you?

Land on its homepage, move your mouse over the Category tab. And then, you will see the types of templates supported by this tool. Thus, you can select to start ones that satisfy you.

There are two main categories of design, with the names Marketing and Events and Social Media Graphics. Let’s look at the specific designs that DesignCap can help you with.

How to use DesignCap to work your project?

Firstly register your DesignCap account

As a web-running application, you don’t need to take time to install programs on your computer. Instead, you just need to access the DesignCap homepage as long as you connect the internet, then open an account with your email for free. Also, Google and Facebook account allowed.

Select a template

You can see that DesignCap provides a wide range of templates to choose from. Select a category and choose your favourite template for your purpose and start your design. You can also start from scratch.

Customize the template

You don’t need to think about all the details of the design, the typesetting, as DesignCap has numerous well-organized templates choose from. After selecting a template, personalizing it and make it unique with elements, photos, graphics, text, modules and background. Each item can be customized with useful editing tools. Because, when you click the customizable item, then above the canvas, editing tools will display. Each object can be customized with specific editing tools.

Download, save and share

After you finish your designs, click the Save button to save your projects to your DesignCap cloud storage to continue editing in the future if you want. Or you can select the Download button to get the design file in JPG to your computer. You can also share the saved image or directly via a design URL produced by DesignCap. Also, you can share on your social media.


DesignCap is a creative design tool accessible to everyone, especially for those who have no design ideas or have no designing experience. It can help you edit graphics quickly upon beautiful templates and a variety of features. Are you interested? Just try this tool with no fee.