Different ways using which you can we can create a brand identity

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Branding is one of the cornerstones of marketing which is, in turn, one of the cornerstones of business. It’s a vital element for any company that wants to engage with any sort of audience, B2B or B2C and it can be a difficult area to get right. One of the great difficulties of branding is its open-endedness, with the freedom to go in any direction. Settling on a strategy for branding requires immense creativity and control, working hand in hand for exciting, practical solutions. One of the other difficulties is that it’s a field that’s always evolving, and branding strategy shifts and warps in trends. With that in mind, let’s get familiar with a few such creative branding strategies to look out for in 2020.

Flexible Logos

Logos are one of the fundamental elements of any branding strategy, but their nature is due to change. With so many different forms of media through which companies now need to brand themselves, having logos that adapt in shape, colour, size and format are increasingly important.

Branded Video Content

“Social media marketing has taken over to some extent in the marketing game. As a result, branded images and particularly branded video are crucial for any company with a creative marketing strategy”, says Ray Clover, a business writer at Boomessays and Assignment Services. Video content draws by far the most attention on social media, so make sure you brand it.

Branded Hashtags

Hashtags are another area connected to social media of course, and they help in discovery and community creation. Developing your own company hashtag is an important branding step in your creative marketing journey. Try not to simply hashtag the name of your company, you want something unique that represents your ‘official’ hashtag. If your company is called X, then the hashtag could be something like #liveX or #Xrise.

Retro Branding

Marketing is fast-moving and current. But this is something that can actually be a bit frustrating for some, who aren’t able to keep up. Branding with an eye for the past, referencing past generations or decades can really help unlock older potential customers.

Branding Communities Online

“What exactly constitutes a community is changing, fast. The internet has made it that you can have more in common with people you play video games with Korea than your neighbours from your town. Brands need to play into this, by creating their own communities”, says Jo Carlson, marketing blogger at UKWritings and AustralianHelp. Using tools like hashtags, build online communities around your brand.

Authenticity Over Duplicity

In an era where trust in all sorts of institutions is plummeting, brands are not immune to this at all. Use your branding to reveal the truth of your company, avoiding coming across as too packaged and manufactured, even admitting to flaws at times.

Global Awareness

It’d be foolish to start almost any type of company in 2020 without any possibility that you might be serving a global community. The internet connects us all so easily. As such, your branding needs to be geared for international usage, handling language and culture barriers.

Brand Influencers

Influencers are increasingly important for branding. You should be looking to engage influencers whenever you possibly can, using their status to implicitly and explicitly vouch for your brand. It’s important to choose the right individual, so judge your audience correctly.

Promote Inclusivity

Inclusivity is simply important for life since we live in a world where all sorts of different people are now brought together. For business, it’s vital. Being inclusive means broadening your audience, which is never a bad thing.

Be Responsible

Brands now stand for something in the customer’s eye. It’s your responsibility to represent social causes and to display a conscience to your audience, to persuade them to choose you and stand by you.


It takes a lot to have a creative brand in the contemporary era. There’s so much to think about beyond whether you make a good product or service. But, there’s also lots of opportunity for innovation and experimentation, which is a very exciting prospect that will serve your company well.

Beatrix Potter is a marketing professional at Top UK writing services and ACT Assignment Writing with passion for digital marketing, specializing in crafting entire branding, advertising, public relations and sales support programs from concept to completion. Beatrix is a passionate reader and enjoys writing for StudentWritingServices in her spare time.

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