How to create engaging presentations

As an experienced corporate event goer, I know all too well the boredom that comes with most classic conference presentations. The audience even anticipates it in some cases, and have switched off before they even get into the room. Which is partly why we created Presentation Experts, to design and create memorable presentations that keep people on the edge of their seats, not slumped back in them half asleep.
Now, the biggest concern presentation designers and creators battle with on a daily basis is the challenge of crafting something both educational and entertaining that will suit the professional needs of their usually very ‘corporate’ clients. But the hardest part isn’t the idea creation, it’s the challenge of designing something that will engage the audience for the duration and will make a lasting impression.
Conferences especially are plagued by bland presentations that leave most viewers un-inspired and quite frankly, bored! It’s always been my personal mission to fight back against the boredom and deliver a change, but realistically, what else can be done to make it a more interesting experience for the audience once they have been rectified? Take a look at our infographic below to find out:

Paul Campbell is the founder and directors of the Purple Patch Group, a business that started life as an event agency in London over ten years ago. Through years of live events experience on both sides of the fence, managing them, and sitting front row, Paul and fellow other director Holly created the Presentation Experts. A specialist design agency focusing on creating outstanding presentations for live events, speakers, and other events visuals. To find out more about them and see some of their work visit their website below.