How to be a Successful Remote UI/UX Developer

How to be a Successful Remote UI/UX Developer – full guide

UI/UX developers work completely with digital interfaces like video games, apps, websites, etc. They design and develop all the elements, screens, and touchpoints that can attract users. So, whenever a user swipes through his/her photo galleries, tapping icons and buttons, or scrolling through an Instagram feed, they will explore the many pages with the best UI/UX versions.

However, interactive and visual designs are just one of many components of a UI/UI developer’s work. Everything they develop as a UI/UX developer has a great impact on the whole user experience. So, a developer needs to understand the target audience’s likes and dislikes. Sometimes, UI design plays a collaborative role, and it requires them to work closely with developers, UX designers, and key business stakeholders. Also read a comprehensive guide in the Ramotion blog to become a UI/UX designer.

Is it Easier to Get Remote Jobs in the COVID-19 Crisis?

We can’t deny the fact that due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the whole world has digitally transformed. Some experts think that this transformation will remain in the long-term. After the authorities forced many companies and merchants to operate their business remotely, it’s now possible for them to continue remote workforce practice in the long-term.

However, there are now multiple platforms like Aspired that offer trained remote workforce for companies around the globe. There are remote job opportunities as well for talented workers living in different time zones. Thus, remote work is going to stay, which means the possibilities of finding a remote job are higher than you expect.

How’s a Remote Job-like for UI/UX Developers?

In the recent months, the way and working style have changed quite dramatically, and it’s a necessity for many employees. Even when the COVID-19 crisis is under control, you’ll see a major long-term shift in the organization’s operating system.

The remote workforce is an open idea that is helping many employers grow. There are equal opportunities for employees, too; they can find more opportunities with a flexible working style. Overall, we can see the remote jobs market for UI/UX developers is growing exponentially too.

So, when searching for a remote job, try to be realistic. It’s easy to find a UI developer job if you have a fair amount of experience, and that’s for both remote and in-office positions. For remote work positions, the talent pool and industry are pretty vast for employers and employees. Once you have the job as a remote UI/UX developer, follow these crucial tips to succeed;

1 Be Accountable and Stay Connected

The most significant part of remote work practice is to remain connected with other team members and updated regularly. Before you start working, make sure that you’re clear about your responsibilities regarding the project you’re working on. If you’re capable enough to forecast the next upcoming project, do it because it will always help you plan smartly and schedule work.

However, a UI/UX developer will have the flexibility in remote work practice. They can be creative and productive at the same time. Even if they want to run errands in the daytime, they can still work at night and connect with the team. Communication tools can also help them be a developer to be accountable for every relevant project.

2 Own All the Necessary Hardware and Other Software Tools

Every UI/UX developer must have a fine laptop, mouse, power bank, charger, universal adapter, Wi-fi range extender, and other necessary hardware. It’s important to have these items with you because, in remote work, you’re on your own.

There’s no technical guy available for you in your house who will get you any hardware. Even when you’re traveling, these things will allow you to work without wasting time or keep you updated regarding the project.

However, the hardware is not the only significant tool for remote UI/UX developers. They must also require reliable communication channels like Slack, Skype, Zoom, etc. For designing and development, they can always install the latest version of Adobe, Figma, Mock Flow, etc.

3 Ensure Speed and Consistency

When developing a product from the very start, UI/UX developers need to build some guidelines. You can have a visual guide; it will allow you to describe the feel and look of a product. Through a complete guideline, you can explain the primary elements of UI/UX, including typography, logo, illustration style, color palette, and much more. Try to build a guideline that will evolve through the years and align with the company’s goals.

To bring consistency and speed up the workflow, as a UI/UX developer, you must take things to the next level. Every individual developer should build and maintain a UI pattern library that defines brand UI usage and patterns. This maintenance task is especially crucial for remote developers. Hence, when you hire developers for a startup, make sure to clear your expectations at first.

4 Make Most out of Different Time Zones

Remote team members are usually from different locations, due to which their time zones are different. It means when your boss is waking up, you might be going to sleep. But it helps you schedule meetings easily, and you can attend it on phone or laptop; no need to commute!

Convenience and flexibility due to time differences allow many developers to work more efficiently. If you ever get a chance, try to overview the progress graph of an individual developer before and during remote work practice.

5 Make Healthy Choices and Balance Work-Life

Your dedication to work is amazing, but if you make an unhealthy choice, you’ll lose your charm one day or another. Even when you’re working from home, and you’ve all the time to complete your task, don’t waste it on oversleep. Also, don’t stress yourself by working late hours and completing 2 days’ tasks in a single day.

Try to balance your work life and personal life. Specify your working hour, family time, and self-time. Adopt a healthy lifestyle; just because the workload is increasing doesn’t mean you start skipping meals. For self-motivation, try to take out some time and do what you love. Any activity that makes you happy will automatically boost your productivity.


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