How Technology Helps In Growing Startups - An Overview

How Technology Helps In Growing Startups – An Overview

Technology is one of those words that people love to throw around without really understanding what it actually entails. For example, you might hear someone say “I’m going to go home now and code my app.” While coding is certainly important, there are plenty of other technologies out there that can make your life easier.

In fact, there are so many different types of technology that it can be hard to know where to start. So, here are five ways that technology can help you grow your business.

Digital Technologies That Will Change The Future Of Growing Startups

Businesses are now working in an age where having a strong online presence is crucial, not just for success, but also often merely for survival. A lack of a strong online presence can be seen as a reason behind the failure of many small businesses, half of which are struggling within the first 5 years of operation. With limited marketing budgets and resources, SMEs must be wise about how they employ digital technology to attain maximum effectiveness.

Developing a clear digital marketing strategy is vital if you’re hoping to reap rewards from your efforts. To begin with, decide what you hope to achieve through your online presence. Is it to increase brand awareness? To drive leads to sales? Or perhaps just to get people talking about your company? Once you’ve set out your goals, then you’ll need to consider whether they align with your business objectives.

A good website will naturally be essential for the vast number of businesses. This doesn’t only refer to something that looks nice; an effective site must be easy to understand, mobile friendly and have useful content. In addition, we can say that the latter needs continuous care. Let’s look at a case study to see how a successful website can drive business for a start up. RenoNerds, a startup which seeks to provide transparent customer reviews for interior design companies, has managed to set up a really appealing online interior design review platform. Not only does it provide easy access to its core content (ie. customer reviews), but its web design is clean, carefully branded and its well use of colors make it a delightful experience for customers to browse the platform. As a result, it managed to grow rapidly within the space and became a popular choice among home owners.

In addition to a good website, digital technologies can also help businesses grow because they allow them to communicate with a wide range of people. Social media marketing, email marketing, and PPC (pay per click) advertising are popular forms of online communication. These methods work by getting messages into the hands of potential customers.

Productivity Software To Decrease Costs And Enhance Customer Service

Technology plays a vital role in every part of business. From improving customer service to increasing productivity, technology can play a significant role in helping companies grow.

Productivity software is designed to assist businesses in achieving multiple goals including increased productivity, improved employee performance, decreased operating expenses and better customer service.

The scope of business software has expanded significantly in recent years, with developments in cloud and mobile technology. These new platforms allow businesses to outsource much of their back office functions online, and make them easier to access from anywhere.

Cloud-based applications are particularly useful for small businesses, who may not have the IT resources to manage such systems themselves. They offer low initial costs and help keep overhead down, enabling smaller companies to increase profits without having to spend money on expensive hardware and software.

In today’s world, businesses grow through acquisition and retention. They must provide consistent quality services to retain clients. Technology plays an important role in helping them achieve this goal. New technologies such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and professional services automation (PSA) are becoming very powerful tools for improving client relationships and achieving first contact resolutions. These tools can work together with business communication systems such as unified messaging and voice mail to provide insights that help improve customer service levels and increase customer satisfaction.

Mobile Technologies To Improve Productivity and Efficiency

Mobile technologies are fast becoming essential tools for employees across every industry sector. They offer a variety of advantages over desktop computers and laptops, including allowing workers to access information quickly and efficiently while away from the office.

The rise of mobile devices has been driven by the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, along with improvements in battery life and storage capacity. These advances mean that many people now carry around a powerful computing device wherever they go, whether it’s at home, in the car, or even on holiday.

In addition to being able to access data from anywhere, mobile technologies can also provide a host of additional benefits to both individuals and organizations. For example, they can increase employee satisfaction levels, reduce absenteeism, improve productivity, and enable remote management of teams and projects.

Using technology to mobilize your workforce can also help boost productivity and reduce overhead costs. By allowing employees to telecommute, companies can cut down on the cost of having an office space and the utilities needed to run one. Employees who previously had to commute to work can instead spend their days working remotely, saving money on gas and transportation expenses.

Mobile technology is integral to today’s business world. With nearly two thirds of the world population projected to own smartphones within five years, businesses must take advantage of these powerful tools to reach customers wherever they may be. Cloud computing allows companies to deploy software across multiple platforms, allowing them to provide consistent service to clients regardless of device type. By enabling employees to collaborate and work together effectively, organizations can reduce costs and increase productivity


The world of technology is changing at a rapid pace, and it’s not just the tech giants that are making waves in this industry. Smaller start-up companies are also using innovative technologies to make their mark on the market. These new technologies have made it possible for small businesses to compete with larger corporations.