Content Marketing For Your Sports Business

How You Can Utilize Content Marketing For Your Sports Business

Content marketing is for everyone. In fact, it’s a necessary part of business, especially in today’s digital world

Many businesses are embracing the idea of marketing themselves in a more subtle way; by sharing information for their fans and customers, rather than promoting themselves blatantly. 

But once you’ve understood your target market and realized that you need to tailor your content towards them, what’s next? 

In the sports industry, it can be tempting to simply share stats, victories, and news instead of fresh, exciting, and innovative content. But creativity is key when it comes to content creation! 

Here are some ideas on how you can utilize content marketing for your sports business to reach and engage the right consumers, and keep them wanting more. 

Use Humor 

Who says sports can’t be funny? If you’re targeting enthusiastic sports fans, chances are they’re not all super serious. 

Sprinkle some humor around your content. Be sure to keep it fresh and fun, and don’t cross any boundaries. Also, don’t forget to keep it serious when it needs to be. A good mix between the two is key. 

If you want a great example of how to add humor to sports content while still keeping relevant, check out Dude Perfect. 

Get Interactive 

Instead of always giving information, why not get some information back from your audience? Consumers love sharing their opinion. Try setting up some surveys to get an idea of what your target audience wants. 

Or for fun, create a quiz or two about relevant sporting news or stats! Sporting fans love testing their knowledge too! 

Part of getting interactive is responding to comments or questions on your social media. Don’t be aloof – people work with brands they feel connected to. 

Give Them Snippets 

Keep your audience interested by sharing small snippets of bigger projects. If you’ve created a video on your YouTube channel, you could share the full vid on social media. 

But sharing a quick snippet piques your viewers’ interest. One click, and they’re on your website to view the full thing. 

Building anticipation is important, too. For example, if you’re a sports apparel business and you’re launching a new range, don’t stay quiet about it until it’s done. Share little bits and pieces to catch your customers’ attention before releasing the full range. 

Share How-Tos 

Consumers love how-tos. They don’t need to be complicated or even very serious. A 20-second to 1-minute video clip could be enough to catch someone’s attention and earn you a new fan. 

Remember to play to your target market’s interests here. If you’re an apparel company, why not do a series of “How To Wear It Best” vids for your clothing and shoes? 

If you’re an equipment company, tutorial videos could be a great idea. Think “How To Perfect Your Golf Swing”, “How To Hold A Lacrosse Stick The Right Way” or “How To Jump Higher on the Basketball Court.” 

Develop Interesting Partnerships 

Your audience is filled with multi-faceted people, all of whom have a variety of interests. Partnering up with other brands can do wonders for improving your own. 

Be selective, though. Apparel companies pairing up with equipment brands is a good idea, as they complement each other. You don’t need to stick to the sports clothing/equipment niche, though. 

Try partnering with healthy nutrition companies, supplement brands, or even tech brands (like Garmin or Whoop). You share their stuff, they share yours, and everybody has a chance to reach more people


Jordan Fuller is a golf enthusiast. He’s experienced in the business world as well as the golfing world and loves learning about one in the other. You can find his advice, tips, and tricks on Golf Influence

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