How to Avoid Email Marketing Mistakes in 2020

When you create a marketing strategy, it is important to look at not just the things you should do but also to look at things you should avoid. The same logic extends to email marketing. Make sure you do it right to ensure you are able to get the best out of your efforts.

Deciding on things ranging from the best possible subject line to which email signature generator you should use and many other email marketing decisions can be daunting. The first step is to recognize you need these elements in your email marketing campaign. The next step is to recognize what you should avoid.

Keeping this in mind below is a list of how to avoid email marketing mistakes in 2020 to ensure you get the best results from your efforts.  

Write a proper subject line   

The subject line is the gateway to your email. You can draft the most compelling email content, but if you do not entice your readers to click on your email then your efforts will go in vain.

Using an all caps subject line will make you look like you are shouting, the generic text will disinterest your readers and informal language is inappropriate. Write a clever subject line and go beyond that. Work on the preheader text too.

The line right after your subject line that appears in the mailbox is as important as your subject line as it works to entice your reader. Work on this sentence to ensure your target audience is built-up to get what they are looking for and feel compelled to click on your email. Master the subject line and preheader text and enjoy higher open rates. 

Don’t sell and push

Email marketing is a great way to share valuable brand information and build connections with your prospects and clients. Don’t push to sell at all times as this will just overwhelm or aggravate your target audience and push them towards marking your email as spam.

This is the last thing you want and there is no coming back from that. If you have a lead, nurture them with the help of email marketing instead of bombarding them with sell-focused emails. If they are in your database, chances are they are interested in your product or service at some capacity. Build on this and don’t irk your prospects.   

Use a professional email signature

Signing off an email is a standard email protocol. Using a professional email signature is equally standard in the world of email marketing. Create an email signature design that matches your brand identity and use a sophisticated email signature generator that will help you keep track of email marketing metrics as well.

Professional email signatures are a great way to direct people towards your website or to direct them to your social media platforms. Alternatively, things like publications and badges can be placed in an email signature that can help improve your brand image and credibility. 

Include clear CTAs   

A marketing email without a call to action or CTA is an incomplete one. A CTA helps your audience understand the message that you are trying to get across and it also helps your conversion rate.

An email with a CTA increased sales by 1617% and clicks by 371%. So, a CTA is a non-negotiable element in your email marketing efforts because it is detrimental to your bottom line. An effective CTA will direct your target audience towards the link you want them to visit. 

Optimize your email for mobile devices 

With smartphones, checking emails has become easier than ever before. Use a template that is compatible with smartphones and make sure your images aren’t difficult to load. If possible stick with fewer images and words and make your CTA easily accessible.

Each year the number of smartphone users continues to grow and 2020 will be no different. Keeping this in mind optimize your email marketing campaign for mobile devices. This way people that check your email on a mobile device don’t mark it as spam because the content was not visible. 

Segment your recipient   

If you do not sift through your email marketing list and meaninglessly send out emails, the chance of you going in the junk or trash file will increase. 

Email segmentation can increase your open rates by 203% and this can have a direct impact on your revenue. Depending on your business area, decide on how you intend on segmenting your target audience.

For example, do you have a geographic location-specific service, streamline your mailing list within a realistic radius of your location. Other common segment considerations include age, gender, education level, etc. depending on your industry.

Just make sure you segment your recipient based on your company profile and improve the reach of your email marketing campaign.

Don’t use cliches and rude tone   

Business email etiquette is just like any other form of business communication. Don’t use cliches and rude tone. There are a lot of benefits to email marketing done with careful consideration.

Given that language is a major component of email marketing, maintaining business communication etiquette is key. Be direct with what you are trying to get across using polite language and win the confidence of your target audience. 

Pay attention to GDPR   

General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR has changed email marketing forever. Given that email marketing is all about data and consent with online content is continually debated there are a series of guidelines under GDPR that businesses must adhere to even with email marketing.

For example, don’t use pre-ticked boxes, make the prospect tick it. The idea is to make sure subscription is a choice and unsubscription is easy should the prospect change their mind about your content at any point. Keep GDPR in mind while designing your email marketing campaign and avoid any hiccups related to this. 

Use the correct time for emails

Getting higher open rates and increased revenue through email marketing is all about a holistic approach. Once you have created an email marketing campaign that covers your core values and satisfies your target audience’s needs, the next step is having a proper dispatch timeline.

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Depending on when you send your email out during the day it can have different open rates. Study what other players in your industry adopt when you are starting your campaign. Once you kickstart your campaign, keep track of your open rates and tweak your timings accordingly.    

Email marketing is not just about doing things right, it is also about avoiding mistaking. Keeping both of these in mind will ensure you have a winning email marketing campaign.