How Digital Media Can Boost Your Client Base

As the world moves more online, so do consumers. For businesses who have kept up with this shifting trend, it’s a no brainer to follow their customers to the web and keep them engaged in your products. Some businesses, however, find themselves playing catch up in the digital age. The online advertising arena may seem like a maze of jargon and complex tasks, but it’s really a quick and simple way to reach more customers than might have ever before. If you know how to utilize the correct tools and position your business for success, then attracting new customers through the internet will be easier than you ever thought!

Create a Presence

The first thing people do today to find new services is a quick online search. But to appear in that search, your business needs to have a website. You might have a sales company with excellent customer service, the best route planning software, and 100 percent satisfaction, but without a website for people to find you, bringing in new customers could be tough. This is why creating a web presence is so important. Every business should have a website regardless of size or services offered. It doesn’t have to be complex—no automatic videos or pop ads required—just a simple interface that showcases what you do and why you’re the best choice. Think of it as a clipboard with fliers about your business; all you need is a few pages to convince people to stick with you!

Start a Blog

Modern consumers align themselves with companies that match their ethical views, and what better place to learn about a company than through its blog? This is the platform where you can give long descriptions of new products, projects, or developments in your business. It gives your customers a chance to feel connected to the brand and stay updated on your top selling points. It also gives you the chance to become a content leader in your industry, which can help to pull customers. The more content you create, the more visible you are online, which makes you easier to find. Finally, a blog is a platform where you can use content marketing techniques to boost interest in your brand by post videos or holding contests to engage customers.

Pick Your Social Channels

Social media is a digital must-have, but most people misunderstand how to optimize the use of their accounts. It’s not necessarily prudent to attempt to stay active on multiple channels if your customer base isn’t on them as well. The first step to choosing the right social media is to determine who your target audience is and then find out which space they stay in most. For example, if you run a teen fashion business, then Instagram might be the place for you to stay active because it’s a hot spot for teens and the best platform to display pictures of your merchandise. Alternatively, if you’re running a grassroots political organization, then creating a Facebook group and inviting people to like your page might be the most effective way to reach your target audience. It all depends on who you’re trying to reach and what your desired outcome is, so be sure to thoroughly consider those two aspects before diving in.

Build Your Brand

Once you’ve developed a solid online presence, you want to make sure your website, blog, and social media are all consistent with how you want to be recognized. This is how you establish brand awareness and reputation. You can think of your business like a character in a book; they have a certain attitude, a way of speaking, and ideals that are important to them no matter which other characters they interact with. Your brand needs to maintain the same tone, ethics, and image across all digital platforms. So, if you build a website with a clean design and minimalist feel, your social media and blog should follow suit with simple pictures and easy to read text. The beauty of an online image, however, is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be the epitome of professional. Maybe you sell outdoors equipment and want your business to be a little edgy; let that reflect in your web presence! As long as your image is consistent across platforms, your brand will shine through and attract customers.

Use Ad Opportunities

With an established brand, customers can usually recognize your products without even needing to see your logo. This is great because it allows you to reach a broader market without needing to create as much content behind it. This is when you can start dipping your toe into the world of online advertising. You can buy ad space on any social media app, which is a great place to pop your product into your customers’ minds when they otherwise may not have thought of it. The most popular ads are Facebook and Twitter ads because they can sometimes reach the most people. Consider which social media channels your business is most engaged in—because that’s where most of your customers are—and place ads in those spaces to reach your target audience. Facebook ads can even help you optimize your content by promoting your ad to people who bought or looked at similar items. It’s a highly specialized type of advertising you don’t want to miss out on.


Although moving your business online can seem like a tedious process, it’s not as hard as it seems. Following the steps outlined here can give you a great starting point and guide you into the more complex world of branding and internet advertising. If you’re confident in your products and want to expand your customer base, then moving to the web is the next step to success! Remember that creating a web presence, supplying content, joining social media, building your brand, and utilizing advertising opportunities is the formula to expand your business and find new customers who may not have discovered your business otherwise. It’s as simple as that!