The Importance of Dedicated Server For Website Security

If you are a company or an individual, there is a good chance you could benefit from a website. It could be a site to sell products, educate the public, show off your portfolio or dozens of other things. Of course, with all of the competition out there, you need to make sure that the site is high-quality.

Picking the Best Host for Dedicated Servers

Similar to shared hosting websites, dedicated servers were not made equal. Do not sacrifice your investment in time and money for increased security by picking a web host provider that could decrease your website’s speed, uptime, bandwidth, and support system.

Consider a hosting company’s data center security, customer service quality, uptime reliability, and storage. Then, cross-reference a server’s pros and cons with product reviews. Read feedback from customers who post on social media pages and watch product reviews of influencers on streaming websites. Read product reviews and comparisons from different review websites like

However, in addition to making sure your site looks good and performs well, you also need to make sure it is secure. There are several different ways that hackers can gain access to websites. As you could imagine, being hacked can be incredibly frustrating and potentially expensive. A great way to boost the security of your site is through the use of a dedicated server.

They are incredibly helpful to site security and performance, and are even quite affordable in many cases (information on pricing is available here). But just how do these dedicated servers help protect the security of your website? Without any further ado, let’s go over some reasons why having a dedicated server is important for website security.

Isolation From Other Sites

When you use a shared hosting service, your site resides on the same server as several others. While this is often not a problem, this unfortunately isn’t always the case. Sometimes, you might be forced to share resources and server space with spam websites, or other malicious entities. 

This could potentially put your site at risk, and your association with these sites could potentially even hurt your site rank. By having your own dedicated space, you won’t need to worry about having to share space or assets with unsavory websites or characters.

You Are Fully In Charge of the Security


Another reason why a dedicated server can be so important to security is because it puts you in charge. If you simply use a shared hosting plan, it is not up to you when it comes to what security measures the host is taking. With a dedicated server, you are able to maintain full control on how secure you want the site to be.

You are able to choose the type of security measures being used, as well as be able to install any kind of security application that you’d like. This often adds extra layers of protection that may not exist on many shared hosting plans. And because you are the only user with access to this server, you won’t need to worry about these applications or security programs being removed by someone else. This also lets you change and update your security very quickly and easily.

Compliant With Standards

In many cases, if you want to store patient information, sensitive cardholder information or other types of personal information, you may actually need a dedicated server to be compliant. A big reason for this is because the physical security of dedicated servers is often better than that of shared. These dedicated servers often reside in secure data centers that offer limited access to those who are on-site. This means they are protected in every way imaginable, which keeps your user information safe and secure.

If you have full control of the server, it can help you ensure you are compliant. This is because you can tailor the security aspects of your website to the necessary standards of the PCI DSS or another type of compliance. Without a dedicated server in place, reaching compliance may not be very simple. This is especially true if you deal with sensitive transactions of any kind on your website. The compliance audits can be quite robust, as well. Simply hoping that your shared hosting plan is good enough could lead to problems.

In conclusion, we hope the information in this article has been able to help outline the importance of dedicated servers for website security.