How Digital Currency Brands Stay Connected to Clients

How Digital Currency Brands Stay Connected to Clients

Cryptocurrency is undoubtedly one of the hottest sensations in the finance, technology, and investment realms. According to many experts, the crypto bubble isn’t bursting anytime soon, despite the fluctuating prices. As such, it’s safe to assume that digital currencies are here to stay.

Therefore, numerous cryptocurrency brands keep popping up by the day to take advantage of the global interest in cryptocurrencies. However, these brands need to stay connected with their patrons to ensure their long-term success. Below are some strategies that these digital currency brands use to connect with their clients.


Websites are one of the key mediums through which many cryptocurrencies stay connected with their customers. Major crypto brands like Ethereum, Coinbase, Litecoin, and Bitcoin have official websites packed with a wealth of information beneficial to new and experienced digital currency alike. For example, you can find in-depth, helpful information on how Bitcoin works for individuals and businesses on Bitcoin’s website.

Also, the site provides a comprehensive list of resources that clients can leverage to learn more about Bitcoin, including other websites, charts and statistics, documentaries, and guides. Bitcoin’s website is so thorough that clients can even learn all the essential vocabulary common in the crypto community. Besides the actual cryptocurrency brands, several other stakeholders in the crypto industry also have helpful websites to inform readers on all things pertaining to digital currencies. Informative crypto websites such as CryptoVantage are great examples of such sites.

CryptoVantage is a comprehensive guide for all things related to cryptocurrency, Blockchain technology, and Bitcoin. The brains behind this platform use cryptocurrencies themselves. Therefore, they have first-hand experience with everything in the cryptocurrency market, including the safest hardware wallets, best exchanges, and the most lucrative digital currency credit cards. Therefore, readers can count on CryptoVantage reviews for the latest reviews and information on wallets, lending and staking, trading bots, crypto credit, and debit cards.

Social Media

Social networks are also powerful tools that digital currency brands leverage to stay connected to their patrons. These brands use their social channels to educate clients on the ins and outs of cryptocurrency. For example, Ripple, the company behind the XRP cryptocurrency, has close to 2 million Twitter followers and constantly shares articles and webinars to educate these followers. These social media platforms are also used to answer some customer inquiries for prompt and effective customer support.

Therefore, if you’re considering starting a crypto brand, prioritize a social network presence to stay in touch with your clients. However, modern clients love options, so consider investing in helpful call center software that allows you to interact with them via multiple platforms apart from on social networks. Top software brands such as Bright Pattern can help with this need.

Bright Pattern’s SMB call center software equips mid-sized companies and small businesses to offer great customer service, build customer loyalty, and boost sales. This call center solution allows SMBs to enjoy the power of contact center technology minus the high implementation and maintenance costs. With this call center software, you can interact with clients via social media, live chat, SMS, mobile apps, and many more channels without losing the conversation’s context even if you switch channels. What’s more, this software has several advanced features, including screen and call recording, interactive voice response (IVR), and CRM integration capabilities.

Popular Blogging Platforms

Some cryptocurrency brands also use leading blogging platforms like Medium to connect with their patrons. Medium allows you to tag articles so people interested in your article’s topic can read it, and cryptocurrency is currently a popular tag on the platform. As such, crypto brands like ICON publish articles on Medium that are read and shared by many of their clients.

To conclude, connecting with your patrons is essential in the cryptocurrency industry due to the increasing number of alternatives. The points above are some ways through which these crypto brands stay connected with their clients.