How a Spreadsheet can Help Your Content Creation

In today’s modern technology savvy world, a lot of people have picked up the art of providing content creation, to get in on the opportunity to deliver information to the masses. Whether this is through blogging, video creation, or social media, there is a lot of information to be put out there and some make this a full-time gig if their platform has a substantial following. But for those who do make this full time, it is quite easy to become disorganized in your numerous tasks to create, write, and publish this information. This is where a spreadsheet can be quite helpful.

  1. Popular Tools to Use

Spreadsheets have been around for at least a quarter-century now and have always been a go-to application for storing tabular data in any way that is useful. This can include a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, or even nowadays google sheets and google excel for a fully cloud-based experience. For those who are even more tech-savvy, you could even venture into programming approaches such as using C# to open excel file and write to excel on your website. C# is a general-purpose programming language, that is easy to code to communicate with your computer drives and internet files.

  1. What to use a Spreadsheet For

Perhaps the easiest set up you can do with a spreadsheet is to organize your processes and any tasks or sub-tasks that come with it. For example, if you are in the early stages of content creation and you are still trying to figure out what content to post, consider a spreadsheet to organize what categories you will talk about. Brainstorm not only categories, but layout specific posts within those categories, and maybe even consider due dates you put on yourself to deliver that content. Alternatively, if you find that the process to publish information is cumbersome, you may want to use a spreadsheet as a mental checklist to ensure that as you create content, you are following all the steps necessary.

  1. Creative Ways to Organize your Spreadsheet

If you are someone who likes to reach out to a broader audience, you will want to make sure you have a spreadsheet that still tries to set some parameters on what you want to talk about. Use a spreadsheet to deliver categories and identify subcategories. Use color coding to differentiate between those categories. Also create a separate tab just for brainstorming, so that anytime you have an idea of a topic, you have somewhere to write it down first, and then build out on your original tab how you plan to discuss it. A spreadsheet is there to organize thoughts.

  1. Monitor Your Progress

For many people, content creation is a means of revenue, so having a resource to monitor your viewership and revenue stream is critical. While some hosts can provide that information such as YouTube and some blogging sites, you may find you will have to track this information on your own. A spreadsheet that can track viewership on a certain frequency can help track where you are trending, or if you are someone with numerous sponsors, you can track on a spreadsheet who they are and what requirements you need to fulfill with each one.

In Conclusion 

Content creation can be a lucrative industry for many to get into, but to be successful and in control, an organization is critical. While there are many means to go about being organized, there is nothing more proven and simplistic than organizing your content in a spreadsheet, and there are many ways to do so.

Delan Cooper is a writer with years of experience in marketing communication. He enjoys meeting new people and reading more books to get inspired for his own book. Connect with him on Twitter.