Five major reasons why a hosting company is important to your website’s success

This story is for all the online vendors who, much like myself, have a “DIY” spirit lurking inside of them. You guys need to know what I have learned the hard way. I am into DIYing my way out of everything and therefore when I felt the need to host my website, that’s right, I thought: “Why not do it yourself!” Nah! Bad idea!

You see, there is so much that could go wrong when you meddle with these things yourself and plus, the advantages of picking a thriving Web Hosting company which is giving many other reputable clients a brilliant service is not a bad option at all. After a while, I learned how splurging at a Web Hosting company can pay you back ten times over. So business junkies, gather up for some speculation on the vitality of a Web Hosting for your budding business.

  1. The Cheap Ones Are Always Down

Did you know that paying less money for a service might not actually be a success? The cheap Shared hosting that you’re buying for a not-so-small website is actually going to take a toll on your very website. Web Hosting companies that advertise the cheapest options available in the market are generally overselling the resources that they have. And when they run out of the resources, it will be your website that takes the blow and consequently your business will deteriorate. Paying a higher amount for a better service is much more efficient because it keeps your website up and running round the clock so wherever your customers are, they are being catered to. Sometimes, a lot of Web Hosts will claim that their uptime is 99%, well do not take their word for it. Instead, do your own research, find out other customers of the company and get their reviews on the services of the hosting company. If carefully taken, this decision can help you save a lot of trouble.

  1. Increase the Speed

A great advantage of getting yourself the services of a good Web Hosting is that it ensures you will always a have a good speed. When you use Shared Hosting or other cheaper services, you cannot be promised a whole lot of goodies. Speed is an important element because remember, your customer is a just a click away from using another service so you’re not only supposed to provide the best product to him but also the greatest website experience.

Another option that you can resort to is cloud hosting; it drives up the speed because the data is disseminated to various nodes across the globe. So if a customer is reaching out to your from China they are as likely to be served quickly as a customer reaching out from Australia. In today’s world, a rule of thumb is “Time is money.” You better start cashing out the time or else your competitors can leave you behind because by now, all famous vendors are aware of how important the web shopping experience is for a customer.

  1. Website Support

If you are going to DIY the web hosting or even choose for the most basic and cheap plan by some company that advertises its services for a very small money you are most probably not getting the much-needed support team in that package. Let’s face it, no matter how good the entire system is there are always going to be technical faults and glitches and that is when you are going to need experts by your side.

Get a Web Hosting service that offers an efficient and quick support team system that can help you get your website up online in no time.

Good Web Hosting companies even come with a variety of options for their support services. Ultimately, without a support team, it is your website that is going to suffer and in turn your business. You should take a look at as well as companies like SiteGroundWPEngine for WordPress or Bluehost.

  1. SERP Matters!

Another downside to having your website hosted by a not-so-good company is that it leads you to have your SERP lowered. If your website is going down every now and then what is most likely to suffer from this inefficiency? That’s right the rankings of your website that search engines keep an eye on. Google quite efficiently keeps tracking the services provided by your website and if it is down a lot of times simply because the hosting server gave up, you are sure to be penalized by Google and other search engines on the web in the form of lowered rankings. Choosing the right provider matters a lot because ultimately they are going to be the one who keeps your website running and keep the SERP from dropping.

  1. Keep it Backed Up

Another downside to choosing a not-s-good Web Hosting provider is that you can eventually suffer from a loss of files. Accidents happen and if we are not prepared for them, the damage is obviously greater. Another disadvantage of getting services of a cheap Web Hosting company is that they might not reliable. If one day they decide to pack up and leave you might end up losing files and they won’t be there to compensate in any way. Your prime goal is avoiding any blow to your online business by the very strategy that you have implied to see your business thrive.

So pay for a well-established company even if that means that you have to pay more because ultimately a) they are going to stay around and b) they almost always keep the data backed up, especially on cloud so in case of any physical injury to the data centers it can be brought back online in a matter of minutes.

Choosing a perfect dedicated VPS like Azure windows virtual desktop from a reliable desktop as a service provider with 99.9% up time and affordable pricing is an prime task for your smooth web experience. In additional to that the support you got during handling email migration while you switch your web hosting provider is also a key factor to be consider before you choose any web hosting provider.

Lastly, I would like to add that these are not ALL the reasons why you ought to choose a good web hosting company; this is just the tip of the iceberg. When you start working with a web hosting company and see the effects you will realize how important a good Web Hosting can be for your business. I hope this article helps you out. Have a great day and Good luck!


About the Author:
Barbara Morgan is an IT expert and a digital nomad. She has been writing how-tos, tech articles and more for almost two decades her main focus is Unix, but She also covers a lot of open source software projects. She is often writing posts for – Managed Hosting in the United States of America as well as Europe.


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