Five Digital Marketing Hacks to Increase Your Reach

Finding hacks that will improve your digital marketing strategy is the holy grail for all businesses interested in increasing their reach. Widening the scope of your online and digital marketing is necessary for enticing new customers to engage with your brand, for selling more products and for building a more comprehensive reputation but it can seem like a difficult target to achieve. 

With these five tips, your business can reach more potential customers, save money, grow savings, and start trading farther and wider than ever before.

Blogging and Blogger Outreach

There is no reason why every business with an online presence should not use blogging to market their business. A blog is an incredible tool for informing and entertaining audiences, drawing in new customers and securing the loyalty of old ones. When used correctly, blogs can direct visitors towards the important pages of your site such as contact details or sales pages, and can even improve your search engine optimization. 

Blogger outreach, using external bloggers and other publishing sites in order to increase your reputation and build inbound links to your website, is a fantastic way of achieving a wider reach and higher website traffic. 

Data Lists

Another effective way of increasing the number of people who have heard of your business is to reach out to them directly. This can be done easily through the purchase of data lists, possible with These databases provide you with the contact details of new customers who have an interest in other businesses like yours, so that you can be sure they will be interested in hearing from you

With these regularly updated email lists in your arsenal, you can quickly and easily fire out targeted and engaging digital marketing material to a whole new batch of consumers. 


While social media influencers are often criticized by those jealous of their success or those who do not quite understand how such “new celebrities” work, they are an unbelievably useful network for businesses looking to increase their reach.

Generally, an Instagram influencer is considered famous once they have around 30,000 followers. Investing in and gaining the support of these influencers is a fast-track method for having your product or service advertised to a potential new customer base of thousands.  

Using Technology

New technology affects every aspect of business, and digital marketing is naturally no different. Augmented reality, for instance, provides customers with a unique shopping experience such as being able to see what a new pair of glasses would look like on their face or what a new bedside cabinet would look like in their room. Exploring these new trends is a useful tip for staying on or ahead of the curve.

Find Low-Cost Marketing

A number of the aforementioned digital marketing tips are available to explore at little to no cost. Social media accounts should be run with care, precision and professionalism, but unless you are paying for advertisements or promotional posts, they cost nothing to run. This type of “low-cost” marketing, along with blog posts and improving your SEO, should be the foundations of your strategy.