Why Direct Marketing Is More Effective Than Ever for Business Growth

Business growth is important for both small and large organizations, and growth only happens when a company puts its brand in front of the right audience. That is why businesses invest heavily in marketing strategies that speak the language of the target customer; that appeal to the beliefs and interests of the ideal client. These days, marketers are going a step further to include direct marketing campaigns to their marketing strategies.

What is Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing is when marketers identify people who have shown genuine interest in buying a given product, people who obviously need a product or service to solve an evident problem in their lives, and then communicate with them through a direct form of communication. This includes sending such potential customers emails, direct social media messages, or calling them. This form of marketing deals with specific customers unlike mainstream media adverts, and sponsored social media ads for that matter, which targets a broader audience. Instead of high-level information, direct marketing focuses on customized packets of information for each recipient. 

A well planned and executed direct marketing campaign takes marketers straight to their ideal customers. That is why it is more effective than other marketing forms for business growth. Here are 5 more reasons why: 

1 Ease in finding and targeting new customers

It is easier to find new customers by singling out and focusing on people who are likely to need a given product as opposed to targeting a broad audience and hoping that your ideal customer is within that audience. It actually gives you better value for money because you don’t waste money advertising to people who couldn’t care less about the things you sell. Advertising hair products for men via print media, for example, means that most of the people who read the ad will not even care to internalize it. However, if you find men who search for hair products online, build a list of new potential customers, and then target them directly, you can bet that all of them will be interested in knowing what you sell. Direct marketing companies can help you build that list. All you need after that is the right message and the right price and boom! You are in business. Note that when targeting a global audience, Global PEO, such as NH Global Partners can help your company have a successful market entry and international growth. 

2 Great at improving customer loyalty

Loyalty comes from the fact that the relationships you build with your customers are direct, personal, and deep. Direct marketing gives people a personal connection to your business. You can incorporate customer loyalty strategies into your marketing plan in order to build new and keep existing customer relationships. You can, for example, reward customers who refer friends to your business by giving them discounts. You can send birthday cards to customers. You can address them by name. You can create affiliate links for customers, through which they can make money upon referring friends and family to your products/services. You can give them invites to upcoming sales. Your options are unlimited when it comes to building customer loyalty via direct marketing.

3 … And branding

Direct marketing improves branding in the same way it boosts customer loyalty. In fact, it is through connecting with customers that you tell your brand story. You can bet that the benefits you offer a direct customer don’t stay with them; they share with close associates. What they are doing, primarily, is sharing positive reviews of your products both online and offline. Positive reviews help you attract new clients and build a positive online brand reputation. 

4 Provides detail-specific information

You speak directly with a potential client and that means that the information you share with them is detail-specific. You share ideas with the people and allow them to ask relevant questions. It is even easier and more effective to convince customers to buy from you when they interact with you over the phone. Direct marketing goes to the extent of putting a face (technically, a voice) to your brand; humanizing your brand. That makes your message more relatable.

5 Direct feedback is invaluable

… Because it helps you test and measure your products and sales performance; to gauge customers’ appetite for your products. It is what you need when testing new products or services, and markets for that matter. You can always use the information clients share with you to improve your marketing, packaging, and other aspects of your business.

Bottom line: Build a Direct Marketing Strategy

Don’t shoot in the dark. Have a direct marketing strategy that is complete with a call to action and an enticing offer or message. After all, not all direct marketers are successful. You have to put in the work and be consistent if you are to reap all the benefits of direct marketing. 


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