Eric Dalius Talks about the Entrepreneurial Challenges While Brand Building

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All business leaders like to see their brand to stick out and perform like no other. Then, brand building calls for focus, marketing acumen, and leadership skills. However, before you make an effort to improve brand awareness, it has some challenges that you need to identify and find effective solutions. Eric Dalius asks some basic questions when building brands. Do you ever think how businesses manage to retain their customer base? How do they survive despite economic slump and odds? 

According to an article published on, technology is evolving faster than ever and therefore, expectations from startup entrepreneurs are more to ensure innovation and creativity. Here are some of the challenges faced by leaders while brand building: 

Eric J Dalius feels concerned about poor product value

No business can thrive if it keeps producing generic products or services that already exist and used by consumers. The solution is the use of innovative technology to launch unique products that help in solving customers’ daily problems, making their lives simpler and convenient. 

When your products add no value to your customers, it is a sheer waste of money and time to market your products. No matter what you sell, your goods or services should solve your target audience’s problems better compared to your nearest competitors. 

Moreover, your products or services should provide additional benefits to your targeted customers, something which they want from your brand. EJ Dalius recommends launching products as a combo or a bundle to offer maximum consumer benefits. 

No personal branding 

Before kick-starting your business, it is essential to develop a brand for you and inspire your targeted audience with thoughts. When you become an authority or thought leader in your industry, it has a positive effect on your business. 

When people hear of a new company, they try to learn about the business owner or the founders of the firm. People searching on Bing or Google, they get sufficient data to learn about the entrepreneur, whether he is an authority in the industry. That is why personal branding is essential before you start your business. 

Market your brand on social media, build relevant connections, and add value to your products. If you are an influencer, write articles for renowned publications, go to meetings, and make your point in industry events. Personal branding is essential to take your business to the next level. 

Poor website design 

Good website design means good business. Your customers first notice your website and its layout before choosing your products or services. The navigation and overall look and design are the elements that matter the most. Slow page load, poor navigation, and poor web copy would leave a bad impression on the minds of your customers. Therefore, you need to address these problems to increase a visitor’s time spent on your website to improve your SEO. 

The more time visitors spend on your web pages, the more value search engines like Google or Bing gives to your site. 


Keep note of these challenges and resolve them to become a dynamic leader to help your business sail smoothly at all times. 

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