Can a good hosting service bring out the best from websites for boosting business?

WordPress is perhaps the most popular CMS that not only allows creating websites very fast but also launch it promptly with the help of self- hosting feature of the platform. The self-hosting feature is to make a beginning, and then you must select an appropriate web hosting service according to your business needs.  The fate of your website depends, to a great extent, on the quality of your hosting service –  you should go for quality every time with companies like SiteGround, WPEngine for WordPress or Bluehost. It has the power of making or breaking your site, as well as your business. Since your business fortunes have a direct link to the hosting service quality, you must choose it with due care to ensure that it supports your business goals to the fullest.

Even the best website can flounder if not supported by a robust hosting service that helps the site to gain high visibility. The hosting service plays a critical role in website performance because it has a direct link to the website’s ability to stay visible round the clock throughout the year and remain easily accessible. But selecting the right hosting service provider is like winning half the battle with the other half still to be won.

What these factors are will become clear on going through this article.

Server location

It will be wrong to expect that the hosting companies have dozens of data centers across the world. The reality is that they have data centers only in some locations. The server location does not matter much for local businesses that concentrate on traffic from a specific geographic region. All that they need to ensure is that they use the services of a local hosting company. However, server locations do matter for global businesses. Websites of companies with a worldwide presence would have to gather data from across the world and distribute it to its worldwide customers. If the datacenters and servers are far away from the location of the audience, it will lead to slow loading time and poor user experience that generates negative user experience and affects business performance.


When you build a website, you must ensure that it has the best security features so that visitors enjoy safe browsing, and your web assets remain well protected. But this does not guarantee the complete security of your website unless your hosting service can play the perfect partner in preventing security breaches from cybercriminals and hackers. The security net of the host must be impregnable so that it enhances your website safety with adequate backup plans.

The web design is as good as the hosting service

The website design must consider the hosting service used for launching the website so that the latter complements the former. It is not enough to design a robust website capable of handling massive traffic because to perform at its peak; the site would need a strong host that can accommodate a large volume of traffic with ease and provide a smooth browsing experience. Any lacunae in the hosting service can adversely affect website performance.

To get the best from a website, its design, and the quality of hosting service must work together.