Why Product Description is Important for eCommerce Conversions

While using any of the E-commerce shopping carts, do you take time to read the content about the product? Or do you simply judge the product through the images and order it at once?

According to a survey, around 87% of the people shopping online take a minute to go through the product descriptions before adding the product to their cart. They go through the description, features, prices, and other important factors regarding the product for arriving at the right decision.

But why do the products need an engaging description? Adding some creativity to the descriptions is much essential at regular intervals to boost the conversion ratio.

Here are some important points that would help you learn why the product description is essential for e-Commerce conversions.

To keep your customers allured 

No matter whether you are selling garments, mobile accessories, pet accessories, or any other kind of product, the prime thing to focus on is driving more and more customers to the website. Using images with high-resolutions is yet another way to make the product description more appealing for the customers.

Many people read each and every word of the product description to know the complete details of the product before proceeding towards the payment gateway. So, why not give proper attention to the specifications of the products or services to build a proper reputation for the customers and market? Again, rather than building confusing sentences, the ideal product description is the right way to give an actual description to the customers.

For a reliable brand name 

For the small businesses in the market, as well as the new startups, focusing on the product description helps in strong brand building. Refurbishing the description of the products would help in adding to the total revenues earned. As the product description is a detailed portrayal of the product the companies are going to sell, it would be helpful in spreading the awareness of the product and the brand.

Instead of going stashing with the product descriptions, be open to the customers and create a content that is a proper mixture of technical speech and attractive marketing keywords and phrases that would turn the customers to your products. Harp on the list of benefits the products would add to the lives of the users, and you are sure to create a cornerstone for the product and brand as well.

The best friend to SEO 

While building the contents, what are the prime areas you would concentrate on? The product, the vocabulary, and inviting terms. Is that all? Keywords are yet another important aspect to emphasis on while looking for an active product description. The search engines rely on the use of keywords while optimizing the websites.

Again, the keywords need to be relevant to the domain, which helps in boosting the ranking of the website. The small companies often fail to include the keywords in the required ratios and fail somehow to impress the search engines. So, look for proper in-demand keywords according to the SEO strategy to get the required traffic to your website.

Know the personas of your customers 

For targeting the right audience to improve the conversion rates, it is important to work on the personas of the customers looking for your product. The brands need to be completely aware of the people who are going to purchase and use the products, as this would help in the proper formation of the description of the product.

Learn about the customer, his/her requirements regarding the product, expectations, etc. as this would help in drafting a proper description of the product. The details about the customer would also help you know their weak points working on which would provide you with beneficial results. Groom the content in such a way that even the non-users would get complete detail, boosting them to make a move towards purchasing it.

Provide detailed information about the benefits and features  

What do you look for in the product description? The features and the benefits of investing in the product, right! For the purchasers, this is the prime thing they would concentrate on. They look for detailed information about the product mentioning the various features, the material used, sizes, colors, and other information regarding the product. Along with the features, the customers need to be informed about the benefits they would enjoy by purchasing the product.

Hence, the description needs to be creative enough to generate the requirement of the product for the customers. Again, to make the feature list enjoyable, convert the heavy paragraphs to points to make the reading quick, informative, and entertaining to go through. For example, merely mentioning EVA midsole for any leather shoes is good, but adding words like flexibility and comfort to it would make it more appealing.

Single Page Applications (SPA)

SPAs are one of the current web development trends in 2020 that should not be overlooked by web developers. The attention-grabbing design and
speed are what gain more attention of the users. Users can easily navigate through its features. These apps yield better conversions for e-commerce as well. Because of its better performance and impeccable data security features, it has been widely adopted by many businesses since its inception.

SPAs are easy to design, develop, test, and deploy. Web developers don’t need to learn any advanced coding languages as they can develop these
applications using HTML, CSS, and scripts, etc. Hence, most of the leading software companies in hyderabad compete with each other inproviding highly functional single-page applications. Moreover, it consumes less storage and works without server-side code.

Make the description scannable with bullet points 

What do you prefer? Long paragraphs or bullet points? Today, people are running out of time, and hence, they prefer quick reading options. And the bullet points are surely among them. If possible, add bullet points to your content to make the content interesting and informative.

Include the important details on a priority basis like the features of the products, material, durability, etc. to make the points concise and clear to the readers. Again, the bullet points eliminate the requirement of long descriptive descriptions that add to make the description scannable. Currently, nearly all the e-commerce portals look for bullet points to make the description engaging as a substitute for annoying texts. Also, keep in mind that it’s also mobile-friendly as many users might be accessing your store via your Mobile app.

Apart from all these, the words used in building the description also are essential for improving the eloquence of the product. Making the description interactive is also another way to keep the customers engaged in the description until the last word. Words definitely have the power of doing so if used in a proper way.

Of course, neglecting the exceptions is not possible, but making the descriptions to the point and short has given out far-fetched results.

So, have you counted on your challenges while writing product content? It’s high time, you should!

Author Bio
Sourodip Biswas works with an expert team of web and mobile app developers at Space-O Canada, a leading software development company. He spends his time researching technologies and mobile apps. His work has been published on various distinguished blogs across the web.

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