Building an Email Marketing Campaign- Design Tips!

Email marketing campaigns are at the core of modern digital marketing campaigns. We cannot develop a digital marketing campaign to its complete potential without having a strong email marketing campaign as well.

So today we decided to decode the world of a standard email marketing campaign like ‘money management tips’ by your brand so that you understand the basic concepts that are involved in a good email marketing campaign. 

Now we will discuss how you will build your email marketing campaign service. Here are the main steps to building an email marketing campaign that you should keep in mind.

Step 1: Developing an email list: 

Email lists are lists of subscribers that you will email in your email marketing campaign. Developing the mailing list is a long-debated topic in the email marketing industry. Here are a few ways to develop an email list with our thoughts on the matter.

Option 1: Existing Clients: 

If you have an established business, then you already have a list of clients who can become your email subscribers. You will simply develop an email list in your email account from your client list and begin your email marketing campaign with your existing clients. 

This is the best way to conduct your email marketing campaign as these subscribers are most receptive to your emails. The problem is that you may not even be able to get 50 subscribers through this method. Only your die-hard fans will subscribe to the newsletter and it will not really be a marketing campaign. 

Option 2: Building from Scratch: 

If you are starting your business and do not have a client list, then you will develop a bulk email marketing campaign organically. This list is developed by incentivizing the clients to subscribe through discounts and free shipping options. 

When your organic and high-quality content will be seen by the clients, they will stay regardless of incentives. This is a highly successful way to develop the content list and is used by many individuals.

And like any other organic campaign, it takes months of committed high-quality content, endless campaign for an email subscription on other channels, and a strong devotion to promoting the email campaign. But with strong belief, you can achieve the right email list that will outlast any shortcuts!

Option 3: Buying an Email List: 

There is another option of buying the list of email subscribers. These email lists are commonly being sold and many companies do buy them. But this is highly inadvisable as the subscribers are simply going to put your email in the spam folder.

Buying an email list is also expensive as it costs thousands of dollars to get a good email list for yourself. 

Step 2: How to design an email marketing campaign?

Designing a successful email marketing campaign means developing a route or a path that will lead your customers to the emails and engage them in the campaign. Here are the various steps that you will need to take in order to design a timeline:

1 Placing Subscriber Icon: 

You will need to place your subscriber icon on the website to make sure that the visitors get a chance to subscribe to your emails. The icon can be placed in the header, sidebar, slider, top of the sidebar, and a few other selected locations. The subscriber icon is developed with a strong incentive and an inviting message so that customers find value in subscribing to the email list.

2 Type of Campaign: 

It is important to understand the type of emails that you can develop for your email marketing campaign ideas. The types of emails include; newsletter, marketing offer, announcement, and event invitations. A good marketing campaign has a good balance of all of these four email types.

But mainly, every kind of email has its own season, so focus on developing a calendar that balances these aspects of marketing and your email campaign will fall in line as well. 

3 Easy Reading:

Write short paragraphs and develop conversational content that is easy to read. Keep your tone semi-formal but also write in a professional manner that shows you know your field. 

Always remember to press enter after three lines of a paragraph. Anything longer then three lines is subconsciously skipped by the reader. The conventional rules have made us all believe that one topic should be one paragraph. 

You have to break that habit and only focus on making your content as readable to your readers as possible. 

4 Visuals:

From images to infographics to clever memes, everything visual is good. No one likes to read a long email, so summarize your points in catchy visuals to engage your readers. It also makes your content more scannable and easier to read. 

You will see that the content will gain more audience is you include videos, memes, and other forms of graphical content. It is easier to engage the audience if they do not need to read in order to understand what you are saying. 

5 Email Personalization:

Email personalization includes the process of addressing the receiver by their name, discussing seasonal greetings, and developing the first few lines that are easily relatable. You can also place different signup lists that subscribers can choose from. 

The lists will differ in terms of the focus of discussion, frequency of emails, and the option of opting out or into the promotional emails. This allows the reader to customize their subscription to their liking.

But the more you make the emails, the better you will become. Always find a way to connect your own going schemes, sales, and other factors with your email marketing campaigns.
For example, make a promo code that is only available in your email and only your subscribers can reach it.

These simple tricks increase your email subscribers a great deal and allow you to have a good email marketing campaign. 

These simple steps will allow you to develop an email marketing campaign that will win over in the market competition and gain you the clients that you deserve!

Author Bio 

Emma Thomas is a content writer and a copywriter who specializes in writing marketing blogs and sales pages.  A writer by day and a reader by night, she can be often found picking cherries in summer Afternoons