Best Wix Referral Apps

Best Wix Referral Apps

Referral marketing is a great way to increase your website’s traffic and sales. It doesn’t matter what platform you are using. Your business can surely benefit from referral marketing. 

In this article, we will explore some referral marketing apps you can use. 

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OSI Affiliate Software

OSI Affiliate is a well-known referral app. It is a referral marketing and affiliate software in one. This gives you the power to promote your offers to prospective customers while also earning a commission if they sell your products and services. OSI Affiliate gives you several tools to not only track commissions but also reward referrals. With it, you can create an affiliate or referral marketing system that runs on autopilot. 

In a way, OSI Affiliate Software is a referral app that can help you sell your products and ideas.

It’s pretty simple: the program provides an intuitive interface to manage an online business. A user logs onto the back-end interface, creates their affiliate code, selects items for sale, sets up their inventory level targets, defines their margin rate per item sold, designs splash pages with templates or custom ones using HTML/CSS codes or whatever they wish to create them with, deploys these pages on any website provider desired (including domains registered in Osi), starts promoting it online by rewarding affiliates with commission fees based on the territory of promotion and gets paid via Ecwid purchases done by the affiliate network.


Carro is a referral platform where you can work closely with brands. One of the best ways to promote your website is to have influencers promote you. It will allow you to expose your products and services to more people for a shorter period, and Carro helps you do just that.


Advocately is a referral app that helps businesses create their referral marketing system. With it, you can set up rewards so that when people promote your brand such as Drum Set Lab, they get rewarded for taking action. 


ShareSomeFriends uses referrals to allow any user on the social platform the ability to give away free goods, services, or simply their time through simple sharing.

With ShareSomeFriends, people can share with friends and family without having to sacrifice their freedom. Through effortless access to “deals,” you can share good times in everyday life with your loved ones every day of the week. With this app in tow, it’s easier than ever to find a reason for joy together in this life with the ones you love!

The features are endless when you have an app that will help grow positive relationships between each other.


Everflow is another powerful referral app. The app brings together the best of retail and storytelling by using viral storytelling to generate broad consumer engagement.

Benefits: get notifications about your favorite brands, activate push notifications, sign up for online deals and follow influencers who share their experiences with your Hunting Bow Lab product or services.

Affiliate & Referral Marketing by BOLD

Affiliate & Referral Marketing by BOLD enables you to create personalized offers automatically shared with friends when they are in the perfect mood to purchase. With just a tap, the “make it easy” button connects them instantly to your offer.

Offers in this platform are made up of 3 components: The product, the request, and the social context, which encompasses what your friend has been up to lately on mobile – their apps usage history, photos & messages. The objective is threefold – make mobile commerce more personal- use mobile app usage history info to help make suggestions for purchases- deliver these recommendations in an instant when they’re in the right stage of mind for investment.

Bamboo · Referral Program

Bamboo is a referral app that can further promote your business. It matches new users to their companies, offers rewards for sharing with friends, and stores them in an organized personal dashboard. With this, you can easily see the customers that have turned into brand advocates so that you can reward them accordingly. The best part is that you can easily integrate it with your existing Shopify store. It allows you to have a referral platform right inside your Shopify website. 


If you have known referral marketing, then you’ll know that Refersion is one of the most popular apps in the market. It’s easy for businesses of any size to get started with Refersion. The software will do all the heavy lifting – referral systems created right in your website platform coupled with marketing campaigns sent out through email, mobile marketing messages sent via push notifications, or SMS text messages. With customer rewards, referrals are bound to happen within your community. The best part is that you have a tool that can help you manage all of your referrals. 


It’s a referral app created by the MGM Casino group. The group also owns Mirage, Mandalay Bay, and Monte Carlo. Among other things, the app offers special incentives such as membership reward points and discounts for people who sign up directly through it. These points can then be redeemed for prizes such as hotel stays at various MGM casinos. It was initially created to combat drop-off rates during check-in, which led to a 20% increase in guests staying an additional night – saving around 100 million dollars annually for MGM Resorts International.


Sellagram is a referral app. It’s a new way for companies to grow through word-of-mouth marketing. Sellagrams are personalized, shareable, and time-saving – perfect for even the busiest of teams. Businesses like Groupon, Vetstreet, and Old Navy save up to 5 hours per week with Sellagram as part of their sales strategy.

Sellagram is an app that helps drive more referrals to your company from those who love you most: your customers! Our marketplace connects retail businesses with great products and services that can help them find customers like you. The unique interaction between both apps saves time and increases repeat business—get ready for growth!

Which of these apps have you used to refer your friends and family? Do they work as advertised, or are there some that should be avoided? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!