How To Reward Your Digital Marketing Team When Big Goals are Met

How To Reward Your Digital Marketing Team When Big Goals are Met

Especially in today’s job market, it’s important to keep your employees happy. One way to keep employees happy and working hard is to reward them when goals are met. Here are some ways to reward your digital marketing agency when large goals are met.

Plan a Retreat

Not only is a retreat far into the mountains a great way to reward your employees, but it’s also a great way to encourage team bonding. A retreat can give your team a much-needed break from work. Giving your team a place to go together where the primary goal is to relax and take a mental break could actually help encourage creativity and lead to even more productivity when you get back to the office.

So, where should you go on a getaway? Mountains are a great place for a retreat. Anywhere you can get far away from the city will work. Look into campsites and nature reserves that are a few hours away. Camping encourages bonding and teamwork centered around activities that employees don’t often engage in together.

Organize a Getaway 

If not a mountain retreat, plan another form of getaway. Maybe your digital marketing team isn’t the type to do well in a wild environment. Maybe they need a nice break at the beach. Perhaps a stay at the Courtyard by Marriott Fort Lauderdale is a better fit for your digital marketers.

Planning a relaxing getaway on the beach can do a lot to reward your team and keep them motivated after meeting a big goal. A total break from work in a relaxing setting can significantly reduce stress and mean your team will come back refreshed and ready to hit the next big goal. You can send your team on a beach getaway individually or as a group, depending on what works best for them.

Go for a Cruise

Like a beach getaway, a cruise is another option for a relaxing retreat. A cruise is also beneficial because it means a lot less planning on your part. You just book the cruise, select packages and everything else is planned.

A cruise is great for the whole team. A cruise ship is big enough that your team will have their own space to recharge. They can also come together and bond while aboard.

Plan a Party

If a getaway is out of your agency’s budget, a party can also be meaningful to reward your team after meeting a goal. Make sure the party is on par with the significance of what the team accomplished, though. A mediocre get-together could leave your team thinking that you don’t truly value them.

Try planning fun and relaxing party activities. Try a Las Vegas-style party, where you hire blackjack dealers and poker deals. Give your team chips and have them play for prizes. Whoever wins the most chips gets to pick the first prize.

Host a Celebratory Dinner

Like a party, a celebratory dinner can have a significant impact when rewarding your digital marketing team. Plan something really special and thoughtful if you go this route. A private chef might be a great option. No matter what you plan, it’s always important to make sure the drinks are free.

Give Them a Break

Finally, if you just don’t have time to plan a getaway or party for your team, consider simply giving them a break. Give everyone a couple of extra days off outside of their regularly earned PTO. You can close your office for a day or give your team the day off when they want it.

A long weekend can go a long way. Many people find work get-togethers stressful, even if they are in the most relaxing of settings. Giving your team a day off to do with as they wish will show you really care about them.

There are so many great ways to reward your team and keep them happy!