How to Boot Your Remote Digital Marketing Team Productivity? 4 Best Practices to Follow

How to Boot Your Remote Digital Marketing Team Productivity? 4 Best Practices to Follow

Many employers once in favor of working from office, are now adopting a remote working model to hire and retain top talent and stay ahead of the competition. Digital marketing agencies are one of them. Remote working when coupled with the right technology can work wonders for business performance.

We all know that happy and productive employees have a pivotal role in the success of a company. The absence of proper policies, work processes, and communication can impact the performance of remote teams, thereby affecting business growth.

In this post, we will share a few best practices to ensure the productivity of your remote digital marketing team.

#1. Implement a Remote Work Policy

Lay some ground rules by setting up a remote work policy. Include guidelines for work hours, location, communication expectations, productivity measures, equipment, confidentiality terms, and more.

Working from the comfort of home can cause distractions and dampen employee productivity. Encourage your team to sign up for a desk at a coworking space to avoid these work-from-home distractions and enhance productivity.

Coworking spaces have helped 64% of professionals to complete their tasks on time. This infographic shares more insightful coworking space statistics about the current coworking scenario.

#2. Centralize Team Communication

Proper communication is essential for the success of remote teams. Set up official communication channels to ensure the right message is being shared with the team on time. For example, digital marketing teams can leverage Slack for internal communication and Zoom for organizing meetings.

#3. Share Proper Work-Related Resources

Build a central repository of knowledge for your team and store all the essential information in one place. Include the style guides, workflows, SOPs, policies, login credentials, and more in this online library of resources.

#4. Invest in Virtual Team Bonding

Engage your remote workers by organizing fun team bonding events online. Let the team members speak to each other about their hobbies, interests, culture, and more. Organize some online events where the entire team gets together to play some exciting games, such as quizzes, video charades, trivia, word games, and more.

Wrapping Up

We cannot deny that remote work is good for your digital marketing business. It presents you with an exciting opportunity to hire talented marketers from various parts of the world. Follow the best practices we mentioned in this post to build an amazing and productive remote team.