Best 11 YouTube Tools and Software to Grow Your Channel

Even there are more than 37 million YouTube channels on YouTube, so many new channels are founded every day. Every YouTube channel was created to make it successful and more widely known. As a practical matter, the right YouTube tools are essential if you want to grow your channel faster.

Here we’re going to introduce 10 great YouTube tools and Software. They’ll be a great addition to your channel’s development.

1.YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio is the background system of every creator and is the most commonly used tool for YouTubers. It provides and presents detailed data about your channel and each video.

YouTube Studio background data is very detailed. With this data, you can optimize the video to get a higher ranking. But Note: It doesn’t make sense if you’re just using it to watch the data go up and down. It’s only right to look for patterns in the data and use them to adjust your creation and publishing strategies.

2.Google Trends

Google Trends also can help YouTubers even though it’s not a YouTube-specific data analytics tool.

As a YouTuber, we may be wondering how popular our content is. We want to know which words are more relevant to our users’ search habits when we tag a video for a title. This is where Google Trends comes in. You can also choose to look at keywords by country and compare the popularity of search terms. Take advantage of it, and you’ll get more bang for your buck when it comes to creating video content.

3. Headline Studio

Many times, headlines determine whether we finish an article or a video. So, a good title is an essential part of a successful YouTube video. 

But how do you know if your headline is good enough? 

You can use Headline Studio, which rates your titles according to its database. It also suggests improvements to the title, which is currently the title analysis tool used by many authors.

4.YouTube Movie Maker

YouTube Movie Maker is an easy-to-use, entry-level video editing software. With it, you can create, upload, manage, and promote YouTube videos in one place. Also, it can be implemented on text, pictures, audio, video editing, and add a variety of special effects. For YouTubers, it’s easier to get around without having to constantly switch between multiple tools.

Other options: Adobe Premiere and After Effects

If you have professional video editing experience, want to choose professional software use, Adobe PR and AE is no doubt a good choice. For the big-name in the video editing industry, there is no need to do much introduction. You can find many tutorials and paid templates on the web. For professionals, they can achieve all kinds of desired results.

5. Tubebuddy

Tubebuddy is a free browser extension that can be installed in Chrome or Firefox. It is mainly used to query and analyze popular keywords. It can help you choose tags and let more users accurately find the video you upload. 

You can view not only your video tags but the tags of someone else’s video. If you found some related tags, you can add it to your video.

Alternative: Vidiq

Vidiq is similar to Tubebuddy in that it’s used to tag and analyze videos.  Vidiq shows a lot of data, but for most people, a lot of data is negligible.  Vidiq has a free version and a paid version. The free version can only use the basic features. The paid version is also divided into several versions. The more advanced the version, the more features.

6. Socialblade

Socialblade is a data scraping and analytics site that includes multiple social platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

On this site, you can see the channel rankings for the various categories on YouTube, as well as view the channel rankings by country and region. You can also view detailed data on a particular channel, including subscriber numbers, viewing data, revenue estimates, and so on.

If you open a channel on Socialblade, you’ll see its ratings, rankings, subscriptions, revenue estimates, and more. You can also use this tool to compare the data differences between the two channels, to learn channel operation skills.

Alternative: Noxinfluencer

Noxinfluencer is similar to Socialblade. You can use it to view the channel data of YouTube celebrities. Now Noxinfluencer has a browser extension. Once installed, you’ll see the detailed data of a YouTube video on the right side.

7. KeywordTool

This is one of the most powerful YouTube Keyword tools. It’s pure in comparison to other keyword tools. It always provides only accurate long-tail words (There are no synonyms involved like other tools.). So, in the field of long-tail words, KeywordTool can be said to be the most professional. 

The basic KeywordTool functionality is free. So, if you want to get more keywords, and you want to be able to see all the data on these long-tail terms, such as search volume, trends, bid prices, competition, etc., you’ll have to choose the paid version.

Alternative: Kparser

Kparser is also a free tool that specializes in analyzing YouTube search keywords. Kparser displays the most relevant phrases to you based on the Kparser Rank. The higher Kparser Rank, the more competitive it is. Information such as YouTube keyword search volume and advertising costs is only available after payment. So, the free version is not suitable for any in-depth research.

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8. Grammarly

Those of you who watch a lot of YouTube videos should be seeing Grammarly ads all the time. Grammarly is an English writing assistant program with a simple interface. It helps you to correct spelling and grammar errors in subtitles automatically. It also provides you with more appropriate options. Just install the extension in Google Chrome and you’re good to go. Grammarly has paid and free versions, but the free version is usually enough.

9. Pexel

When designing YouTube video thumbnails, we often need to look for uncopyrighted images. Pexel is a well-known free photo library where you can find a variety of images without copyright.

Other options: CleanPNG

In addition to photos, you still need some decorative material to add to your cover or video. There are various kinds of transparent PNG pictures on CleanPNG. These materials can be freely downloaded and used directly on the cover. 

10. Canva

Big Pictures on YouTube Channel are a problem. While the dimensions are said to be 2560 X 1440, they don’t always show what you want. How do you quickly create an outstanding, creative image that fits your needs? You can use online picture design tools Canva. You can search for YouTube on their site and choose your template. You can customize the template to get your desired effect.

11. Renderforest YouTube Movie Maker

Renderforest YouTube Movie Maker is an online tool to help you create stunning YouTube movies whether you’re a professional YouTuber or a beginner. Hundreds of YouTube templates are at your disposal to create intros, outros, informative videos with various transitions, and a lot more. There are only a few steps to follow to get a catchy hand-crafted YouTube movie — pick the template you like the most, customize it to your needs, export it and share instantly to your YouTube channel right from our editor. The tool is free to use, but for broadcast-quality videos you need to check the pricing. Besides the pay-per-export option, Renderforest offers also several subscription plans.

Final Words

These are the top 10 YouTube Marketing Tools and their alternatives. They belong to many aspects of YouTube video production and promotion. You can choose the tools you like and get to know them in the process. They will save you a lot of time in channel development and keep your YouTube channel going in the right direction.