Ways to Get more Quality B2B Sales Leads

7 Ways to Get more Quality B2B Sales Leads

Business to business sales normally create orders with higher numbers of product and profit. These types of sales allow you to deal with a larger customer that will order in bulk. They are a perfect way to move product fast, and make your bottom line stay in the black.

Creating, generating, or establishing B2B sales leads requires some work on your part. You have to have a strategic approach that will catch the interest of the company, and cause them to respond. You cannot make a sale unless you get someone’s attention, and unfortunately just having a great product or service is not enough. You have to be savvy at promoting and marketing your company to be a winner in the B2B sales game.

The main problem you face is skepticism. Buyers are savvier about marketing strategies than they have ever been. They are skeptical about too-good-to-be-true- sales pitches, and the floods of unwanted telemarketing calls and promotional emails. How are you going to get past the skepticism and meet the needs of the client?

1 Use the Right Search Engine

This sounds awfully simple but it is the number one best way to generate the leads you need. You have got to use and partner with a search engine that is trusted by more people. 

Google is the highest rated search engine. It boasts a 94.7% market share and provides you with multiple ways to draw attention to your website. Good AdWords helps you to showcase your website and you get to establish pay to click campaigns that really attract attention.

2 Use Directory Listings

This is a tried but true method of B2B sales leads. From the days of the yellow pages people have been suing directory listings to find the names of potential businesses, competition, or customers. In the computer-generated directories, you can find the businesses that are more likely to be interested in you.

There are a host of directories like Capterra, SaaS Genius, CabinetM and more. It may take you a small amount of time to find the directories that are going to be most useful to you, but once you find them you will have hit a motherload of possible lead connections.

3 Social Media

The social media platforms get ridiculed a lot, but they are where thousands of people are each minute of the day. Ads with social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and such will possibly have your website, product and company name on the lips of thousands of new people each day.

4 SEO Practices

You have to learn to use the SEO practices that are going to attract more clients. You cannot rely on hit and miss website postings. You need to know everything you can about search engine optimization.

Some people try to do this on their own, but you are going to be more successful if you leave this kind of promotion up to the experts that do it daily. Those experts can get the search engine spiders to crawl over your pages and accept the relevant content quickly. That means your name moves up in the ranking when someone types a keyword into the search engine that connects to your products or services.

You want to be one of the top ten recommended sites so this is a crucial element to B2B leads and survival.

5 Blogging & Forum Posts

One of the ways to get attention to your products and services is to start blogging about them. Blogging allows you to create relevant, in-depth information for your possible clients that answers many of their questions.

Blogging must be interesting information that is easy to read, entertaining, educating, and inspiring. When someone reads your blog, they should not just get a sales pitch for your product. They need in-depth information that proves beyond a doubt that what you have to offer is the best there is.

Finding forums that are relevant to the products you have to offer is a great way to generate interest and leads. The forums may seem to be a group of people who are not in business talking about their problems or experiences with a product but I can guarantee you that business leaders are following forums and finding out what their customers might want and need. If you are present on the forum providing relevant answers and solutions then you are going to attract the attention of the businesses and you are going to drive people to your website.

6 Personalized Email Marketing

You have to be careful with email marketing because you want the people to open the email and not simply pass over it as spam. Personalized email marketing allows you to get the message to the person and not simply waste your time writing emails.

The emails MUST be personal. They must show a genuine interest in the other person and what they need. You cannot write a cookie cutter email and send it out randomly.

You are going to need to use tools that help you find the right company, the names of the people in the company, and the general needs of that company. 

7 Improve your Website

One of the basic answers to generating greater leads is to have a greater website. You do want to showcase who you are and what you have. That is not all you want on the site. You want content that is going to cause people to visit more than once. You want them to keep returning to the site and that is going to create more opportunities for them to learn about your products and make the decision to try your products.

If you want people to come back to your website frequently then frequently post new articles that they will want to read. Hire a professional writer to help you have engaging content that people will show a great interest in.

Post new articles often so there is always something new for people to see. 

A Final Thought

B2B leads are the method of creating a steady customer list. To get those leads you are going to have to work hard and branch out to try different methods of reaching your potential client. 

You cannot just sit on the corner with your lemonade stand, you have to reach out and peddle that lemonade far and wide to get the results you deserve.