Becoming a Digital Marketing Consultant

Your Guide to Becoming a Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital marketing is a field experiencing incredible growth, and the demand for excellent digital marketers is expected to continue to skyrocket. In the digital age, most of the world’s communication is accomplished from screen to screen. Understanding what makes that communication most effective is a markedly valuable skill in today’s economy.

If keeping an eye on digital trends and helping businesses grow online by reaching their ideal clients sounds like your dream job, look no further. Professional and efficient digital marketing consultants are in high demand, with more and more businesses looking to digital marketing professionals to help their companies reach their goals and expand their reach.

Wondering where to begin? Here is everything you’ll need to know about pursuing a career as a digital marketing consultant, and start accumulating profitable and prominent clients.

If you are looking for advice to become a marketing consultant take a look at this step by step guide to becoming a marketing consultant.

What Is a Digital Marketing Consultant?

A digital marketing consultant is one who advises a brand on their best practices when it comes to the promotion of their products or services. These consultants need to be well-versed in several different online marketing strategies, and demonstrate a strong familiarity with various media platforms and methods of online advertisement. Good digital marketing consultants can also work with a variety of clients, from a niche baker to a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer.

Companies hire digital marketing consultants when they want to use their marketing resources as effectively as possible, and to better guarantee desirable outcomes from online campaigns, purchased ad space, published content and influencer partnerships. A skilled digital marketing consultant has the experience and knowledge to design marketing strategies based on a company’s unique brand voice to connect with their optimal demographics, resulting in more conversions for their clients.

How to Become a Digital Marketing Consultant

If you have digital marketing experience and think you have what it takes to bring your skills to a variety of companies, follow these steps to take the next step in your digital marketing career. Like any job when you apply you need a good cover letter and a well formatted reume to show and highlight all your relevant experience.

1. Find Your Specialty

With SEO, content marketing, email marketing, brand management and social media management, there are dozens of channels when it comes to digital marketing. It may seem wise to cast your net as wide as possible, but you’ll have better luck attracting clients with a defined skill set.

Choosing a primary channel in which to become an expert is a strong way to sell yourself to clients, as they will know exactly what you have to offer — and how well you can get that job done.

As well, start to think about what types of clients you’d like to work with. Not only will specializing in an industry make you more attractive to companies in that field, but it will also streamline your process, as you’ll already be familiar with relevant digital marketing trends.

2. Build Your Portfolio

You may be a talented digital marketer, but without demonstrable experience to back up your resume, you’re unlikely to acquire the clients you’re looking for. If you’re a content marketing master, make sure you’re putting those skills to good use.

Clients like to see your success stories. If you’ve transformed a company’s digital presence, and it’s resulted in measurable returns for that business, be sure to tout those accomplishments to potential clients.

If you haven’t worked extensively with other brands, start to build one of your own. With social media, it’s easier than ever to develop a personal brand and reach audiences around the globe. Though it may seem more trivial than a lengthy digital marketing career, marketing yourself well online is a great way to show off your digital marketing skills to companies looking for a qualified, experienced marketing professional.

3. Hone Your Skills

Digital marketing consultants are made, not born. Even if you could compose winning digital marketing strategies in your sleep, there is always room for improvement. The digital landscape is always changing, and keeping up with trends and evolving consumer behavior is an ongoing part of the job.

Take time to brush up on skills you’ve already learned, and carve time in your schedule to learn new terms, methods and channels for digital marketing. Polishing up your skills can even be done on the go with podcasts and audiobooks within your specialty.

A client may come to you with interest in expanding their online presence to a platform in which you’re unfamiliar. For this reason, staying abreast of every new way a company can potentially reach their clientele will ensure you’re prepared to follow through with whatever a business asks of you.

4. Establish Your Presence

A good resume and cover letter are invaluable testaments to your work history, but in this industry it takes a little more than would be typical for other careers. Unfortunately, a company isn’t likely to hire you if they can’t easily locate you or your work online.

As a digital marketer, it’s important that you spend time extending your own presence into as many online spaces as possible. When companies are looking to hire someone to assist with their digital products, they’ll be looking for someone with a notable, obvious digital presence.

Make sure your portfolio and resume are up on relevant sites, and consider adding other impressive elements to your digital presence. Blogs and personal websites legitimize your personal brand in impressive ways. Seize any opportunity to present yourself online as an accomplished digital marketer.

When consulting with a client about content strategy, not only is it essential to portray industry specific skill and knowledge, it is also essential to show your passion for what you do. Passion drives hard work and creativity which is something clients can pick up on. To fuel your passion for digital marketing and search trends, you will need to keep exploring new trends, reading up to date posts and engaging with merging technology. If you are needing some content inspiration, take a look at some ideas here 

5. Strengthen Your Network

Though you may have luck finding work the old fashioned way, clients may come as referrals from people within your network. When your former colleagues and employers know you as a competent digital marketer, they’re likely to drop your name in conversations with fellow business owners.

Networking with other digital marketing consultants can pay off, too. This not only solidifies your reputation, but other consultants are more likely to refer work to marketers with which they’re already familiar. Some companies may never even post an ad for a position, and will only ask for recommendations from digital marketers they already know and trust.

A career in digital marketing consulting is a fast-paced, highly rewarding endeavour. With hard work and perseverance, you can not only achieve a successful career as a digital marketing consultant, but you can also guarantee yourself a place in the field for years to come.