Find the Right SEO Services

How to Find the Right SEO Services for Your Business

Search engine optimization is the best way you can get eyes on your company.  More and more people are using ad blockers, and fewer people pay attention to the advertisements that roll before videos on YouTube.  Instead, by working search engines, you can lure your customers into coming directly to you.

This practice is a tried and true marketing style, and it’s a handful of work and trial and error, to the point that no company can hire to do it within the business.  Instead, most seek SEO consulting services to find professionals who can do it right.

There are hundreds of these businesses, so how do you make the right choice?  Here’s what you should consider.

Find People Currently Using SEO

Look for businesses big and small that are currently using an SEO service.  The best course of action is to try to find a company around your size already using SEO.  If they like the company they’ve worked with, try to get a referral from them.  Remember that it’s probably better to start with something that suits your business size, and don’t try to go for what a company triples your size would need, or you could harm your company’s financials.

Look At Their Past Performance

You wouldn’t hire an employee without seeing their work history, so why pour money into a business without seeing if it has worked before?  Look at reviews and intel from companies and people who have used their services before.  Try to keep in mind that because these businesses usually work for other companies, the reviews will be more scarce and formal. Try to find a business that seems to have good followthrough and possibly a history of long working relationships.

Make A Budget

Based on what these people have told you, and you’ve figured out from watching, you should have a clear budget for what you can afford.  Be firm on the budget, and don’t let yourself go overboard.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting to grow your company, but you shouldn’t bankrupt it for advertising.

Interview A Couple Companies

Talk to any companies that catch your eye, and ask if they can give you a quote based on what they’re capable of doing.  Unfortunately, most of these companies don’t give out referrals without being in contact with you first.  Prepare yourself to try and sink their teeth in whether or not you’re ready, and then call.  Try to have your favorite companies narrowed down to two or three so that you don’t have to go through this process six or seven times.  Make it clear what you want, ask what they can offer you, and then tell them you’ll call back when you’ve made a decision.

Beware Too-Low-Cost Options

If a company tries to tell you it can get you a thousand views to your website for five dollars, don’t fall for it.  In that same breath, don’t believe that a twenty-dollar company is going to be able to get your name to the top of your Google results in less than a day.  Be smart with your budget, but don’t fall for scams.