7 Key Benefits of Video Marketing For Your Business

7 Key Benefits of Video Marketing For Your Business

Even though the popularity of YouTube, Instagram (feed/stories) and TikTok, many business owners still think a little old-school and miss an opportunity to embrace video marketing.

The truth is that if you are not using videos, you are missing out on the 7 key benefits of video marketing for your business. We discuss exactly what those benefits are and explore them a little more.

Benefit #1: Drive More Sales

This one is pretty much self-explanatory – video marketing will help you get more sales. Research shows that videos can convince as many as 84% of people to pull the trigger and purchase a product or service. Watching a video that showcases a product will give viewers more direct information than reading a blog post, no matter how well-written.

Videos also improve conversion rates on landing pages, which directly translates to more sales. That means video marketing is an excellent way to give people that final “push” towards saying yes and buying your product or service.

Benefit #2: Improve Brand Recognition

Videos are an excellent tool to get yourself in front of your audience, literally. Sure, it might be a bit uncomfortable when you start. But, once you get used to it, you will start building personal connections with your potential customers, which will lead to better growth.

But, video marketing is great for brand recognition in general. And we are not just talking about putting your logo as the icon on your YouTube page. If you approach video marketing the right way, you will develop an identity streamlined with your brand.

For example, you can make thumbnails that are in your brand colors. Or, you can create a signature environment for all of your videos (and content in general). If a viewer recognizes your video the second they turn it on – they sure will recognize your brand as soon as they see your product.

Benefit #3: Improve Site Ranking (SEO)

Even though written articles are most often viewed as the best way of attracting visitors from search engines to your site, video marketing is a fantastic tool for this purpose as well.

First, Google has a separate section in the search results that is only dedicated to videos. But, videos also often rank above other organic results, depending on the search query. That means your video can sometimes show above your competitors’ websites, only because you have a video, and they don’t.

Furthermore, adding closed captions and text to your video not only makes them more user-friendly but helps ranking too. Google recognizes the text, which helps it understand the video and the page better.

Because videos have great engagement, viewers often watch videos in full length. That’s because people can play videos in the background, only listening to the information while doing something else. That means viewers will stay on your site for longer, which is also excellent for SEO, as Google notices user behavior. Another huge benefit of video marketing in terms of showing higher in the search results.

Benefit #4: Get Better Social Media Visibility

YouTube has more than two billion users, making it quite obvious why your brand should be on the platform, especially if you have an international customer pool. But, all other social media platforms are an excellent option for video marketing as well.

Instagram stories or Instagram live are an excellent option to communicate directly with your audience on this ultra-popular platform. And if you have a younger audience, TikTok is a great option. If your focus is more B2B-oriented, and you want to target decision-makers in target companies, sharing videos on LinkedIn is an excellent strategy, as well as going live.

Using video on social media works, and people react to videos exceptionally well, directly translating into more sales. That’s the #1 reason why you shouldn’t ignore the opportunity and let your competition get an edge.

Benefit #5: Grow A Community Around Your Brand

While most of the benefits we list in this article revolve around you making videos and boosting your video marketing that way, it can go the other way around. You can create a user generated content platform on your site.

One great use of user-generated video content is to organize contests. Your subscribers can shoot videos while using your products, and the funniest one can win. This will create a community around your brand – you will not have more customers but more loyal fans.

Another great way to use videos made by your followers is to showcase testimonials on your site. Nothing will build social proof like having an actual customer record a video explaining how they benefited from your products and services.

Benefit #6: Videos Have Excellent ROI

While videos have many advantages, making them has a few drawbacks. One of the biggest ones is that you need to have decent equipment if you want your videos to look good, but you also need to spend some time shooting and editing them, which adds up.

However, videos are one of the best examples of reusable content. Sure, it does take some time to shoot and edit videos. But, once you make them, you can use them on all of your platforms.

You can put full-length videos on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn, as well as your website. But, you can make collages of highlights and re-upload them after a while, with links to the full-length video in the description.

You can also cut your videos even further, only showing the best sections as Instagram stories. What’s more, you can use the same for YouTube ads as well, as the length is already appropriate.

What’s best is that you can continue sharing clips for a long time if you shoot videos on evergreen topics. That means the initial effort you put in to create a video will pay off big in the long run, both in user engagement but also in customers, giving videos excellent ROI.

Benefit #7: Showcase Your Expertise

Videos, tutorials, courses, and live webinars are an excellent way to showcase your skills directly to your audience. That will show them you know what you’re doing and walk the walk, unlike many others.

Also, people who attend your webinars will leave their contact information, which means they will become a part of your sales funnel. Plus, the fact they participated in a webinar makes them a much “hotter” lead, which means they will require less convincing before they make the decision.

And we don’t have to mention that you can use clips from your webinars and tutorials and reuse them all across your social media channels. Reusable content, at its finest!

As you can see, there are so many benefits of implementing video marketing into your campaign that there is absolutely no excuse why you shouldn’t start doing it today.

Yes, standing in front of a camera isn’t comfortable, and yes, videos take a lot of time to make and edit if you want them to look decently. But, because they are the most engaging type of content, and because you can keep reusing the video material you made forever, they will be well worth the initial investment, paying off big time in the long run.

You know what to do next – roll, camera, action, cut!