6 Best practices in web development that are unavoidable

6 Best practices in web development that are unavoidable

Web development is something that will be in hype for a while longer. With businesses all going online, having a website is essential. 

Hold up! Not just any website will help your business grow. Developing a website has come a long way and is changing at a rapid pace. 

But some web development practices seem to be unavoidable in the process of building or maintaining a business website. Here are 6 of the best practices that you must make sure not to miss out on if you want to develop a website that is well-built for your business. 

Unavoidable web development best practices

HTML, CSS, and Javascript are here to stay

Be it any blog on web development, you are sure to find the use of HTML, javascript, and CSS to be stated as an unavoidable best practice. This trio is the backbone of front-end development.

Most people, even non-web developers, know about the Hyper-Text-Markup-Language or HTML. But what does it help with? It is that computer language that helps with the creation of web pages and web applications and is widely used. 

However, HTML alone cannot make a website. It can take care of the web page text components, hyperlinks, and media files. But it is not sufficient to create an attractive, responsive, and efficient web page. With the help of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and Javascript, your website can do much more. 

CSS is the key for your website to be colorful, have impressive backgrounds, a clean look with the required spacing and layout, animations(which can help you boost your website traffic), and other elements! Meanwhile, sliders, photo-gallery, pop-ups, and other dynamic features are created by Javascript. 

Here’s a pro tip: Do not use just a single CSS for all pages. This can get complicated in managing it all. 

UI/UX cannot be stressed enough

User Interface and User Experience in web development is something that, in today’s digital world, is very important. These ensure that there is proper navigation, high-quality images, relevant information, and other options available on the website. 

A smoother development process can be achieved by taking the time to learn about your target audience and designing a user-friendly interface. As a result, more time is spent on the platform due to an increase in platform utilization and contact with revenue-generating pages.

A website is incomplete without optimization

Search engine optimization has become a daily usage in the modern business world. Ranking your website high on the search engines can make a lot of difference in attracting traffic. 

Optimization work must get initiated at the very earliest stages of website development. Readability and extensibility should both be prioritized when optimizing the code.

As a business website, it is better to seek SEO services that can help you optimize your website and make efforts in ranking it higher on SERPs. 

2-second loading or nothing

If a website takes more than 2 seconds to load, people are most likely to leave the website and look for another. If you want a high-traffic website, your website must have fast download speeds and high performance. 

You do not want your audience to wait for long and then skip to a competitor’s website. The chances are that they will not get to your website again. With no website visitors, time spent on your website or the dwell time will be reduced, and this will affect your SEO. 

The best thing you can do to make your website is to improve the loading time of your website. So, make sure you run a speed test on Google for your website. There are many things you can do to improve your website speed, like making a clear design, optimizing a website, etc. 

Responsive design rules

The use of desktop computers has been overtaken by the use of smartphones as the primary device for checking email and browsing the web. As a result of this, it is vital that your website is accessible on a wide variety of small screens. 

When you initially begin working on the project, it will be a great deal simpler to create your code if you write it keeping in mind the screens that will be displayed on mobile devices. Moreover, responsive web designs are shown to drive more traffic than the ones without a responsive design.

Prioritize protecting your database

Data in today’s world is everything. When storing sensitive data on your website, you should ensure that it is safe. Security methods such as two-factor authentication and encryption will offer you a sense of security.

You must make sure you are using a reputable web host. In the absence of proper hosting security standards, your work could vanish, and you’ll be forced to pay for the loss of consumers. 

Make sure your database is always protected by setting up regular backups. Having a way to restore data from an external source is an essential part of any recovery strategy.

Wrapping up

Web developers are currently in high demand, and this trend is not likely to change in the near future. Following these guidelines will not only help you build better websites, but it will also set you apart from the competition.

It’s also important to keep practicing and learning new things! If you have more significant experience and understanding of programming, you’ll have a better chance of completing your project without facing major issues.