Instagram Ads: 7 Powerful Tips for Creating Instagram Video Ads That Generate Sales

Instagram Ads: 7 Powerful Tips for Creating Instagram Video Ads That Generate Sales

Instagram is an excellent platform for brands that thrive in visual content. This means you can use this platform to attract your audience and build brand awareness through graphics, images, and videos.

As such, you can be creative with the type of content that you can publish on Instagram. Some fantastic examples are:

  • Gallery images
  • Instagram stories
  • Reels

Mind you, one in every four Instagram ads is in video format. Such ad formats are ideal if you want to amplify your organic Instagram campaign.

Keep on reading to know how you can maximize Instagram ads and keep on generating sales.

1. Make the first seconds count

One of your main goals is to stop the user from scrolling and watching your Instagram video from start to finish. 

Mind you, all it takes is less than five seconds for your audience to be hooked. So, don’t slow down with your opening. Make it engaging and interesting enough so that it captures your audience’s attention.

No one wants to watch a video that beats around the bush too much. Get your point across, as this allows your audience to save some time. 

2. Add captions to your videos

Instagram has muted videos. Meaning the sound doesn’t play unless the user taps on it. 

That’s why it’s essential that you add captions to your videos and not just rely on your video’s audio when getting your message across. Using captions on your videos will prevent them from being lost on the scroll. 

It is only proper that you write a compelling caption for your Instagram video ads. That’s because it can impact your overall Search Engine Optimization efforts. 

3. Make your videos shoppable

One of Instagram’s drawbacks is that you couldn’t share links on your feed posts. 

Although you can still share links in an ad, it’s only a single link that leads to one page. Let’s say that you have multiple products in an ad. You need to create a landing page where all of these products will be listed. 

But if you run your e-commerce store, then there’s an alternative solution. This is through shoppable posts. With shoppable posts, you can easily tag products with your posts via the “view products” link. 

4. Take note of the dimensions

There’s a vast difference between watching videos on Facebook and Instagram. 

For one, you can use a fullscreen mode on Facebook but not on Instagram. That said, you have to be mindful of your video’s dimensions.

For Instagram videos, it should be 864 x 1080 pixels with a 4:5 aspect ratio. It should also be in portrait mode, as landscape video formats do not work well on the platform.

Taking a video in portrait mode allows you to fill in as much screen space as possible. Doing so works wonders in your video’s overall quality and appeal, allowing you to keep your IG audience engaged. 

5. Plan your thumbnail

You couldn’t customize your thumbnails on Instagram, unlike with Facebook and Youtube. Meaning you have to make use of still shots from your video. 

Usually, a thumbnail will determine whether you will click on your video if it shows up on their feed. 

That’s why you must think about the particular thumbnail that you plan on using early on. 

You might even think about sliding on a visual, which you can use as your thumbnail. Doing so helps you save time and even boost your page engagement. 

6. Use a call to action

Sometimes, looking for a link on the bio can already be cumbersome for a lot of users. It’s not efficient. 

That’s why you should always include call-to-actions, like the “Learn More” button, at the very end of your Instagram video ad. 

7. Ensure mobile-friendly landing pages

More often than not, your CTAs will lead to your landing page. Chances are because users prefer to use Instagram on their phones, they will also visit your landing page using their mobile devices. 

That’s why having a mobile-friendly landing page is essential. Otherwise, it will be tricky for them to navigate through your landing. Your Instagram ads will be for naught. 

If you want to increase your mobile traffic multi-fold, your landing pages should be mobile-friendly. 

Create the Winning Instagram Video Ad

When used correctly, Instagram video ads can help you build brand awareness and attract the right audience. And when we say “right audience,” we mean people who are likely to buy from you. As a result, you can drive a return on investment.

But to make that happen, you should follow the tips listed in this post. That’s because these tips boil down to how you interact with your audience and create lasting brand experiences with them.

Although it may take some work first, you’ll be pleased with the results once you get to do things properly.