Top 10 Website UI Design Trends To Follow In 2022

Top 10 Website UI Design Trends To Follow In 2022

Accessible. Simple. Intuitive. The top three words that pop up in mind when designing a web interface. Their presence is fresh, evergreen, and never ending in the design space! Trends come and go, but the principles remain the same. 

And if we talk about 2022, Website Design Trends, like every year, are an epitome of a well-behaved fad. The one that is climbing more towards minimalism, optimism, and mind-bendingly whimsical effects—all built on the bedrock of the three musketeers, i.e. accessibility, simplicity, and intuitiveness. 

Given it only takes 50 milliseconds for visitors to form an opinion on your website, UI/UX designers cannot afford an inch flaw when it comes to website design development.  

As half a year has already passed, let’s see what trends have made headlines in the hearts of users and mind of customers and made them go gaga so far. 

Presenting the Most Used Website UI Design Trends In 2022

  1. Interesting, Interactive, and Optimistic Designs

Interesting and funny shapes, colors, and even pictures can present a lot of fun and curiosity among visitors to keep on scrolling. The fun and optimistic UI design trends are way in fashion and designers are even implementing their creativities on different sites. An interesting design can transfer positive energy and inject additional happiness into the visitor’s monotonous life.

Right images like smiling faces can fuse optimism, connect with the virtual audience, portray a positive vibe, and avail of the latest web design trend.

  1. Dark Mode Trend

The user interest in switching to “dark mode” in apps and emails are rising; likewise, the website design is no exception where designers can efficiently create dark designs. With a majority of users surfing websites on their laptops and smartphones, black is becoming more significant in introducing a better user experience. The dark color usage enables the visitor to read the light color text easily and provides a soothing experience to their eyes as well.  

Not only the dark mode, but the designers are even preferring one-color dominance as, image overlays, backgrounds, buttons, etc. The emphasis on a single color makes it more memorable for the user and can easily associate the brand with color.

  1. Glassmorphism

Glassmorphism is one of the most promising web design trends of 2022 that emphasizes dark or light objects, placed over a colorful background. The design presents a translucent, glass-like, multi-layered element to the design which provides depth to the design. The viewer can easily distinguish the layers such that, which layer is on top of which, simply like pieces of virtual glass.

The Glassmorphism practice in website designing can gain visitors’ attention to the specific content you wish to highlight. This web designing trend helps to enhance the UI and makes it more clear, elegant, and stylish.

  1. Immersive 3D Element

Incorporating 3D designs into the website is providing an immersive user experience. The usage of certain types of textures, shadows, and depth delivers the representation of a real-world experience, whether it is typography or 3D illustration. It provides an additional dimension to the overall look and the feel of the platform.

The 3D designs not only enhance the websites’ quality by being more photorealistic but also are an effective way of introducing a dynamic and unforgettable brand identity. 

  1. Dynamic Color Palettes

The cognizance of designers to understand the psychology of color and its interplay to engage users’ attention is very crucial for web designing. The understanding and usage of dynamic colors can drive emotion and reflect a positive reaction on the visitors. Careful color selection can even manipulate human perception.

For instance, Pastel color depicts purity and calmness whereas Neon color is used to grab viewers’ attention and present a loud message for the user. All in all, selection of colors plays an important role in communicating design concepts. 

  1. Custom Illustrations for Branding

Using customized and interactive illustrations can replace the image stock options and offer a unique and customized user interface. Such illustrations can be designed to present the story and make the pages stand out. The digital, customized, 2D, and 3D illustrators help build the web page that comes to life with motion design.

The moving elements and unexpected animations generate curiosity among users and influence them to scroll further to see what is coming next. To follow an engaging UI design trend, web designers can create custom illustrators that can be a better fit for the brand and send an accurate message to make the platform a popular choice for visitors.

  1. Bold and Experimental Fonts

Picking the proper fonts for web designing can influence the reader’s decision. It can also create a proper visual hierarchy, praise the graphical balance, and can be the centre of attraction of the web design. The website design trend which is influencing the 2022 market is because now the brands are accepting bold fonts with an aesthetic look.

The proper font choices can provide an ultimate user experience and influence the design to attract more user conversion to the website. Following the UI design trends in terms of bold and experimental fonts can also influence the readers’ decisions subconsciously.

  1. Minimalist Aesthetic

Generally, the accuracy of website design is evaluated under the parameters like efficiency, loading speed, performance, and simplicity. A fresh, clean, and minimum visual component in a website can give a new dimension to the platform. The minimum distraction in a platform lets it stand out in the crowd and maximizes the focus on the content.

Less crowded websites push visitors to focus on the precise text and images and think more quickly. This less-is-more strategy can present a much more impactful impression on the target audience and provide a straightforward user experience. 

  1. Mouse Hovering Effect

Mouse-hovering effect is a very interactive and one of the latest website design trends to engage visitors with the platform. Under this effect, the designers build such an environment for the users that on a simple mouse hover, click, or scroll, the state of the current page or a specific element transforms into something interesting.

This attractive UI design trend not only displays the power of designing but also makes users happy while engaging with the platform or with the specific section of the page.

  1. Metaverse

In the tech world, design and data go hand-in-hand. Likewise, Metaverse is a combination of data and multiple technologies, including augmented reality, virtual reality, and video where the viewer can have a live experience of the digital universe. It is a new stage for web designers to introduce innovation and technological advancements.

It is the latest website designing trend introduced in the industry, which requires a lot of research, learnings, strategies, and new tools to reflect the exact effect and experiences on the platform. Metaverse is going to be a highly demanding trend soon and will require highly skilled designers in the upcoming years. 

Create Change That Matters…

The value of design comes from the right amalgamation of simplicity, accessibility, and intuitiveness. The design trends are just like icing on the cake that co-creates a web product by making it aesthetically appealing and most wanted. The best website design companies keeps analyzing human behaviors and then create design benchmarks that eventually become trends. In a nutshell, work on customer’s mind and behavior, you will ace the UI/UX design. Hope the article helps!