5 Ways To Simplify Your Digital Marketing Strategy

5 Ways To Simplify Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The best advice for any digital marketing strategy is to start every idea small, and then build on what works and dump what doesn’t work. Every idea you have can be started small, tested, and then built upon. If your idea truly stinks, then you haven’t lost much, and you may learn something from your failure.

1 – Have Some of the Work Done at Home

As you know, digital marketing is a 24-7 affair. Even things like uploading can take hours, and it doesn’t always fit into a 9-5 routine. That is why you should consider having some of the work done by staff while they are at home. You may have a hard time keeping your team productive while working from home, but you can alter their work routine so that they are given tasks to perform at home rather than a set schedule of hours to be worked. In other words, treat them a little more like freelancers when they are working from home.

2 – Grow With Trends Rather Than Jumping On Them

The temptation is to jump onto trends when it is far more organic to angle your current projects towards the current trends. Don’t cook up new material for trends, simply alter your current work to line up with trends. Many oil and gas trends can be adapted into suitable marketing effort by simply taking what you have already done and angling it or redefining it as per the current trend. Strong Oil and gas industry trends often have catalytic incidents, be they global pandemics or oil tanker blockades, or whatever. The fact that trends in this area can be tracked back to incidents makes their exploitation all the easier.

3 – Sell the Second Glass

One of the biggest reasons why a digital marketing campaign is so complex is because it is constantly hunting new customers. Try selling to your current customers. Re-focus your promotional goals so that you keep your current customers happy a sell to them rather than selling to new customers. Do this, and not only will you simplify your digital marketing, but you will actually draw in new customers. People are not interested in starting offers, they are interested in how you will treat them as long-term customers. 

4 – Build on Your Supplier’s Work

Most online businesses are selling products that other companies have manufactured. If you want to simplify your own marketing efforts, then use what your suppliers are putting out there. They are probably doing a better job of promoting your products than you are. They are probably happy for you to use their marketing assets too. You may struggle with things like duplicate content online if you are copying text verbatim, but it isn’t a big of a problem as you may think. For example, social media search engines don’t care about duplicate content, nor do affiliate advertising platform. It is only your website where duplicate content matters, and in those cases, you can re-word the marketing content that your suppliers are putting out. 

5 – Concentrate Less on Analytics

Sales that stick (with no come-backs and no refunds) are the only metric you should worry about. Paralysis by analysis is still a big problem in the digital marketing industry. Try simplifying by stripping your campaign back down to what works and what doesn’t. What sells and what doesn’t. That way, over time, you can make your process more complex with organic growth rather than structured button pressing.