5 Tips for Making Incredible Instagram Live Videos

Do you want to reach out to more customers? Do you want to create a personal connection with your audience? Do you want to engage people with your team and your brand? 

If you just thought ‘yes’, then Instagram is the best platform for you. With more than 500 million daily active users in 2020 and more than 25 million business accounts, Instagram is a happening place nowadays! This post will reveal 5 amazing tips on how you can use the LIVE videos of Instagram to enhance your brand’s visibility. 

Hitting over 1 billion monthly users in 2020, Instagram has taken the world by storm and continues to be one of the most popular apps available on mobile devices. Whilst its primary use has been social media, Instagram generates more than 130 million users each month who engage with shopping related posts. Businesses, influencers, and marketers are reaping the benefits of Instagram as we see an increase in budgets being spent on the social media giant. Whether its hashtags or stories, there’s absolutely no doubt that Instagram is one of the most successful apps and ideas introduced in the last decade. If you’re keen to learn more about Instagram, check out these mind-blowing statistics from UKWebHostReview.

But first, let’s straighten out some facts for you…

  • As the name suggests, the Instagram live story is real-time content. Above that, live stories are shown at the front of all story circles on Instagram so everyone would notice them for sure. 
  • Instagram also notifies its users when any other user goes live which makes it much easier to let people know that you are sharing something interesting. 
  • Instagram live stories give you an opportunity to connect with your audience at a personal level. You can answer their questions, make them meet your team or how you make things possible in your business. Many celebrities and social media influencers use IG live stories to just chat with their followers. 
  • Even if you are just beginning with your brand, going live could help you build a strong relationship with your customers or audience. They can be a part of your everlasting journey. 

What Can You Talk About During Live Videos

There can be a plethora of options depending upon the nature of your Instagram account or business. But here’s a list of some common topics that can be the basis of your live stream on Instagram. 

  • The Very Favorite Q&A’s: Everyone of your followers would love to know how are you, what opinions do you have and what background you are from. Just pick up random questions that your followers ask you often, prepare their answers and share them. You might also ask the viewers to ask questions at the time of broadcast only if you want to level up the excitement meter.   
  • Introducing Your Product: Publishing a new book? Launching a new product? Starting a new online course? Introducing a new website? Telling about a new feature on your app? Share what’s new with your business/brand in a live stream and you can get to know the real-time reaction and response of your audience. 
  • Feedback Time: This is simple yet impactful. Go live on Instagram to know what people think of your product/service/brand. Take suggestions and give your opinions. Try to know what problems they face and what solutions they are looking for. It can inspire you to enhance your brand/business. 
  • Special Announcements: You might have hit a major milestone in your personal or professional journey.  You might have made a big sale or you might be starting a big sale on your website soon. No matter what it is, if it is special to you, take the opportunity and share it with your followers. This would make them feel included in your journey. 
  • Share Your Talent: You can hold short tutorial sessions on your live video stream on Instagram. It is a great way to connect with your audience. As people would learn something from you, they might want to follow you or they might get involved in your brand more than how they were before. 
  • Behind The Scenes: Give your audience a sneak-peek of life behind the curtains. If you are a solopreneur, you can show them how you manage everything on your own or who is your support system at the time of need. If you have a team working with you, introduce them to your audience. Share their stories and let your viewers connect with your brand/business more than ever. 

All these points indicate that Live Videos on Instagram are a promising option for every influencer/entrepreneur out there. Now let’s begin with some incredible ways of creating them. 

1 Plan Ahead

Talking to a live audience and filming a video on camera are two completely different scenarios. Even the best public speakers sometimes get nervous when it comes to ‘live performance’. So it would be better if you plan and organize your ideas before going live. 

Set an objective in mind about why you want to go live on Instagram and interact with people. Make a list of points you would want to share with your audience. Also, share something valuable with them so that they do not feel as if you are wasting their time with just some unnecessary chit-chat. 

Define a timeline if you can and assign a few minutes for each topic. Do not stay for a long time for instance 30 minutes or more. People might not have the time or attention span these days to listen to someone for that long. Just keep your live stream short for about 10 minutes or so. 

2 Promote Beforehand 

No matter how strongly Instagram promotes the live content but it is your responsibility to spread the word about your live broadcast. Consider it just like an event. It must be something important and informing your followers beforehand will create all the hype. 

For instance, you want to answer the common questions of your customers in a live video. So, you can post that you will be holding a Q&A session. Mention the date and time correctly. You might also mention what topics you will cover. This could intrigue your followers and they might join your live session just because you will be talking about something interesting. 

Also, you must notify or post stories on the day you are going live, when a few hours are left and when a few minutes are left. This will help in catching the attention of people who somehow missed your previous promotions. 

3 Engage and Connect 

Instagram live stories give an option to the audience to comment and express their thoughts in real-time. Use this opportunity to connect with the people. Give a shoutout to some. Read their comments loud and appreciate all the viewers for taking out time for your live video. 

If you want to thrill your audience, hold a live Q&A session where you will answer their questions then and there. No filtering, no planning. Talk straight from your heart and soul. This would help your audience know the real you. 

If you are a business owner, you can give a sneak-peek of your office or how things carry forward at your place. Show some behind the scenes to intrigue the viewers. 

4 Maintain Focus 

If you follow point #1 and plan, likely, you would not lose focus during the live broadcast. But, sometimes things might go out of hand. Your audience might distract you from your objective. Keep checking with your audience, whether they are with you. Ask their opinion, talk and engage them and you will find it much easier to convey what you want. Instagram also gives you an option to hide offensive comments, use that if needed. 

You must understand that you do not have to act like a robot and just keep saying what you have to say. But at the same time, you do not have to linger on your live stream as many people might not stay for long. 

Keeping focus could become much harder when you collaborate with someone during the Instagram live stream. So if you are planning to do so, make sure you agree on a strategy beforehand. 

5 CTA Is A Must! 

You should end your live stream with a call-to-action. This would give a nice overall impact of your live session as people would have something to take away from it. You can ask them to fill in a form. You can appeal to them to follow your account and turn on the notifications. You can ask them to visit your website and check your latest products. You can encourage them to submit their creatives. You can inspire them to take up a 7-days challenge. There could be a plethora of things that you can use to keep up the connection between you and your audience. 

Smith, who provides social media marketing assignment help Melbourne says, “you certainly do not have to push your viewers to buy your product or sign up for your service in a live stream. Just be realistic and natural while you ask for their contribution.”

The Process After Live Streaming 

  • Once you end your live video on Instagram, make sure you save it. This will enable you to watch it whenever you want. You can see what went good and whatnot and prepare for the next live stream accordingly. 
  • Share the highlights of your live stream in your posts or stories. You can mention the main points discussed or the things that you want your audience to pursue after the live session. 
  • You can also ask if the followers have any questions after the live stream and try and answer them. You might schedule a new live stream for the same. 
  • Finally, start preparing for your next stream. You did a great job. You shared your message and made your point. You learned from your mistakes. Now it is time for your next live stream. Focus on that and become better with each experience. 

Live streaming is a great option to connect with your potential and current customers. It is a great way to build relationships with your audience and leave an impact. A little planning and organization might be needed to make it happen but in the end, it holds great potential to make new connections and reach out to a new audience.

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