Meme Marketing Trends in 2021

5 Things You Must Know about Meme Marketing Trends in 2021

Brands are communicating with their audience in a new way these days. Yes, they are making the most out of memes, which is the new trend. Memes are popular because they are a fun way to build engagement with your targeted audience. Some of the most popular and successful memes are timely, humorous, and relevant. Yes, the customers can relate to the meme of a brand. 

According to an article in Forbes, memes are so much trending that as per Google Trends, memes are now a more popular search word than Jesus! In this article, we are going to discuss these five things related to meme marketing in 2021.

1. Evaluation of meme trends 

Based on the findings of HubSpot, memes are a hit among the young generation. Did you know that 55 percent of people belonging to the age group of 13-35 are sending funny memes each week? In 2020, this number has gone up. The talk about memes has increased during the last 13 months or so. It increased from 19.8 million mentions in August 2019 to 24.9 million mentions in July 2020, which signifies a more than 26 percent increase. In April 2020, the maximum number of mentions was 28 million. The online users used memes last year due to lockdowns to build engagement and to escape from boredom. 

2. Focusing on your brand logo

The experts in the industry suggest brands use image identification to keep track and figure out if their brand is in some meme. It is one of the best ways to focus on meme marketing because they have zero or little text in them. Keep watch on the memes designed aligned to your brand as well as the memes shared on the digital landscape. If you would like to learn more about memes, consider visiting Meme Scout or similar platforms.

3. Sharing memes created by online users

If you find a meme created by an online visitor and the same relevant to your brand, you can share them on social media platforms where they have the maximum impact on the audience. It could be Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or any channel that fits your meme marketing needs. 

Make sure you give credit to the person who created a meme. Sharing user-generated memes will help in developing a powerful brand connection and at the same time, inspire others to create branded content as well. 

4. Connecting to brand-relevant memes 

When you connect your brand content to popular, funny memes, it helps in building user engagement. It also helps to make your content viral on the digital landscape. Then, you need to look for relevant memes that have something similar about your brand and tweak them a little to fit your brand theme and concept. 

5. Meme marketing challenges

A meme is a popular trend in 2021 and you cannot ignore it. The challenge is joining the bandwagon when it is already too late. Post something meaningful for your business and before sharing memes, make certain what they mean and how the audience would receive it. 


Meme marketing grew popular last and the trend popularized even more in 2021. Stay updated and watch out for new trends in meme marketing for your brand.