5 Online Strategies To Boost Traffic And Lead Conversion

5 Online Strategies To Boost Traffic And Lead Conversion

Having an outstanding website and no traffic is equivalent to opening a physical store that no one visits. If your website looks good but there’s still no activity going on, it can be discouraging. Every business wishes for more traffic and for visitors to convert to customers. 

Increased web traffic is good in boosting brand visibility and awareness, but it also improves the chances of visitors becoming your customers. How to achieve that is the big question. Look at these five strategies to help you boost traffic and convert leads:

1. Optimize Your Content For Search Engines

Search engine optimization (SEO) is synonymous with generating organic website traffic that helps your site rank higher on search engines. You need to optimize your website content for search engines. If you’re struggling with SEO, chances are your target audience can’t find your site. Without many visitors on your site, you’d have no leads to convert. This is where you need a marketing agency such as Break The Web Search Marketing agency and others that can help you create a good SEO strategy.

Even as you do that, here are some things you need to know that help with SEO:

  • Include keywords in titles that your target audience is likely to look for in search engines. You also need keywords in the meta description that gives visitors a preview of the content on what they should expect if they continue browsing.
  • Generate fresh, engaging, and regular content.
  • Secure your site with a Secure Socket Layer (SSL).
  • Make your site mobile-friendly.

When your site is discoverable on search engines, you attract traffic. Ranking high on search engines enhances site trustworthiness and increases traffic. When you get visitors to your site, use lead magnets such as free eBooks or newsletters to make visitors stay long enough to convert to paying customers.

2. Improve Your Site’s Loading Speed

The average time a web page takes to load is three seconds, which is how long most web visitors have patience. The loading speed of your competitor sites is something you need to put serious thought into and devise means to beat it. Page loading times have a massive influence on bounce rates and conversions. Studies indicate that even a one-second delay can result in a significant drop in conversion rates.

Ensure your website loads fast enough to keep your visitors engaged. The longer they stay, the easier it is for you to know their habits on-site and create a personalized approach to lead them to become customers. You may need the help of a web developer to improve your website loading time.

3. Generate More Content

Find a way to generate regular, quality, and informative content your web visitors would find helpful. This is an excellent way of having them become regulars on your site. With this, you build trust and credibility, making your brand their go-to resource for their needs. Your content can be on a blog, social media posts, infographics, or podcasts.

To generate traffic on your site, remember to create internal links and promote your content on social media, as well as email the subscribers.

4. Incorporate Social Media Buttons

Social media is at the heart of communication, advertising, and marketing. It’s also good for increasing traffic to the site. In addition, social media helps you reach audiences you wouldn’t have accessed otherwise.

This only happens when you give your visitors the option of sharing your content on their social media platforms. You can do this by attaching social media buttons on whichever content you generate, especially on the blog. However, you need to ensure that the buttons you incorporate match your brand and your target audience. Have the buttons in visible areas where the audience can easily see them so they’d be driven to share.

5. Create A Landing Page

Creating a landing page is an excellent way to boost website traffic and generate quality leads and conversion. Having a landing page dedicated to a call-to-action such as a subscription or an email list works because the visitor has nothing distracting them from taking the desired action.

When a visitor lands on the page, the rational move is to take action instead of ignoring and leaving the page. This is an excellent tactic for increasing website traffic and creating better leads. After visitors take the action you need them to, you can find a way to convert them to customers.


Increasing website traffic and generating leads is essential for your business. However, converting a lead into a purchasing customer is more important as it determines the effectiveness of your strategy. Use the ideas discussed here to help you boost traffic and lead conversion for your business.